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The reallocation of the initial group and the senior personnel should be planned and executed on the basis of the priority and position each worker holds in the productivity of the business operations and their indispensability to the company. Additionally, emphasis should be placed on those employees and senior managers that possess the appropriate capabilities and skills needed to mobilize and assist in the startup situation that the company is going to face. These personnel should posses both organizational and analytical skills in assessing and managing the new scenario of setting up in a new location.

Another basis for moving these employees will be prioritizing the most “˜flexible’ personnel’ that do not have too many work equipment needed for transportation to the new office facilities. This include the administrative and Executive management teams who would move to organize office space and execute strategic programs and policies to stream line company’s activities with the new business environments in the new region.

Opening a new office in a new location is advantageous to the company especially now that it wants to shed off its old image as a financial services “˜mould’ to a rebranded and improved pension and investment management facility. Changing locations to a totally unfamiliar region where the company’s brand is not known would adequately facilitate this. The biggest disadvantage that the company faces is the time period and financial outlay it would take in order to build and establish a completely new brand image in the new region. Nevertheless, the relocation remains the best option for the company in order to achieve its goal of establishing itself anew.


The company should carry out the recruitment exercise within a considerable amount of time before the new facility’s move is actually underway. This is advantageous as it will facilitate the continuance of the company’s operations as soon as the relocation process is ongoing. This will also provide an opportunity for the creation of an appropriate brand awareness program for the new recruits and market to familiarize them with the company’s activities and operations. Due to the fact that there is highly skilled and readily available labor in the region, the recruitment should be set on the basis of the experience each candidate holds in their respective capacity.

Additionally, due to the unfamiliarity of the company, the tasking nature of the recruitment excise and the low brand awareness in the new region, it would be appropriate for the company to seek out the expertise and services of a good recruitment agency to assist. Furthermore, the use of the internet as a recruitment tool could prove to be a cheap and reliable avenue to receive potential recruits’ job applications and resumes.

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