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Domestic Violence and Social Disorganization Theory

Abstract This paper examines the problem of domestic violence. It is demonstrated that the scope of this problem is significant and often underestimated as not all cases of abuse are reported. The research problem is formulated. It refers to identifying major factors contributing to domestic violence, main negative effects, and potential response strategies. Key research […]

The Future of Etihad Airlines

Introduction Nowadays, marketers shift their focus to relationship marketing because they realize that the organization’s success can only be improved by retaining and building long-term relationships with customers. Thus, service-oriented industries, such as Etihad Airlines, prioritize passenger satisfaction. The main concept in the topic of this study is to identify various ways, which the Etihad […]

Geographic Information Systems in Southern Africa

Geographic Information Systems and Mineral Reserves in Southern Africa Abstract Southern Africa is endowed with such natural resources such as metallic minerals, precious stones, gases and coal. They are mostly located in remote parts of the region in areas characterized by poverty and illiteracy. While it is fair for poverty-stricken people staying in the region […]

Project Management Constraints Modeling

Background of the Study All construction projects are unique and have their own operating environment and sets of technical requirements. As a result, the execution of the construction project is usually subject to a number of constraints that hinder the commencement and progression of the construction operations, which consistently has enormous impact on the performance […]

Internal Recruitment Factors

Introduction Employees are basically identified as the most powerful operant force of all businesses and industries today. Striving to accomplish organizational goals, HR practitioners attract, select, and recruit the most talented, skilled, and trained personnel. Therefore, recruitment from both internal and external sources is one of the main functions of HR management. The objectives of […]

The Coca-Cola Company Life Product

Introduction The field of marketing has been of great interest in the recent past owing to the increased exposure of firms’ products and their financial risks, especially those operating globally, which erodes their annual revenues. According to D’Alessandro, Winzar and Lowe (2013), “Product marketing research the process of evaluating or examining the viability of a […]

Marketing Research on Burger Guru

Background Information Burger Guru is a restaurant that offers fast food services across several states in the US. It is a franchise of the famous Burger King Company that has many other ones around the globe. The organization provides its customers with various kinds of fresh submarine sandwiches. The latter usually decide on the way […]

Sustainability of Gender Issues on Public Relations in Asia

Application Narrative The project would be dedicated to the analysis of the current state of affairs in the area of impact of gender issues for the PR professional activity of females from Asian countries. The subject of this project is the essence, core trends and specifics of the professional activity of females in the area […]

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Act

Introduction Female genital mutilation (FGM) is one of the most devastating acts that is experienced by young girls all over the world. The fact of the matter is that female genital mutilation is being practiced to date even after being banned in most countries. The world is ignorant to the fact that the practice is […]

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