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Female genital mutilation (FGM) is one of the most devastating acts that is experienced by young girls all over the world. The fact of the matter is that female genital mutilation is being practiced to date even after being banned in most countries. The world is ignorant to the fact that the practice is prevalent in most countries especially in Africa. Some parts of the Middle East, Asia and other countries with immigrants like the UK still practice FGM. Female genital mutilation is referred to as the procedure where a female’s external genitalia are either partially or completely removed for cultural reasons (Fazari, Berg, Mohammed, Gailii & Elmusharaf 2013, pp. 2861-2865).

This is the act of female circumcision where the clitoris is tampered with in the name of maintaining the culture. This is an unorthodox practice that scars the minds of young girls who have no choice when it comes to this rite of passage. Young girls who are exposed to this act have barely attained the age of puberty. The purpose of this research proposal project is to apply mixed methods that will provide a detailed scope into female genital mutilation.

Why are Different Families and Communities around the World Still Practicing FGM?

There are different families and communities around the world that are still exposing young girls to the brutal act of female circumcision. There are different reasons that are not medically related to making families and communities practice FGM. One of the most crucial reasons is that female circumcision is a rite of passage that has been existed for centuries. The communities that still practice this act have not yet been deliberated from conducting this heinous act on young girls. As exemplified by Johnsdotter (2012, pp. 91-114.), community elders who still practice FGM ensure that young girls are circumcised as a rite of passage into womanhood.

Another reason that makes families and communities practice female circumcision is the fact that it is a cultural practice that has been made for centuries. Some of the communities still follow the traditions no matter the repercussions that the cultural practices in place have on society. Some communities and families have a deep sense of cultural diversity which makes them follow all the traditional practices disregarding the dangers they may pose to individuals. It is a known fact that some of the cultural practices in place are a vast threat to society.

The Consequences of FGM

Surveys and research conducted reveal that an estimated number of 125 million girls and women in the world have undergone the brutal act of FGM. One thing that is undoubtedly true is the fact that the communities and families which practice this act support and encourage it among society. However, there are many consequences that are experienced by female circumcision as revealed by WHO reports. One of the most experienced consequences is the recurrent infections in the private parts of women. The act is done by traditional women who use a razor or knife to perform the act. This opens up the chances for a series of infections due to the fact that the tools used in that procedure are not sterilized and recent reports suggest that there is sharing of these tools among many people.

In accordance with Teufel & Dorfler (2013, pp. 2021-2027), another experienced consequence of FGM is that most women experience over bleeding during the procedure. The traditional women who conduct this act do not have any medical background which could give them leverage over complications during the procedure. Many women from different parts of the world have succumbed to over bleeding which has even caused death in severe cases. In most cases, the act is done in unsecure places with no access to medical attention in case of an emergency. Fatal bleeding has been a vast issue that has made female circumcision banned in many parts of the world.

Infertility and complicated childbirth are other consequences that can be experienced due to FGM. During the procedure of female circumcision, there are crucial genital organs that are tampered with as a result of the act. This may result to infertility among different women because the reproductive system is interfered with in this case. Complicated birth is also experienced as a result of female circumcision because the procedure only leaves a tiny hole which only allows the passage of menstrual blood and urine (Teufel & Dorfler 2013, pp. 2021-2027). In the case of childbirth, many women suffer and experience different natures of complications as a result of the procedure. This also leads to severe pains that are chronic and may have long term effects on the female anatomy.

Most women experience emotional, physical, psychological and mental breakdown due to the traumatic experience of female circumsicion. The procedure is not easy and scares most of the women who undergo it. The pain the young girls undergo is unbearable and may cause PTSD. The stability of a woman is shaken in a crucial way after undergoing circumcision. Most of the traditional women who carry out the procedure are neither licensed nor use anesthesia for the young girls. One can only imagine the pain these girls have to endure before the procedure is completed. Research reveals that most of the women who at one stage went through this procedure do not have a sense of peace in their lives (Terry & Harris 2013, pp. 41-47).

The Best Approach of Ending Female Genital Mutilation

The fact is that some of the communities and families in different parts of the world still practice FGM despite the dangers posed by the procedure. Several agencies and independent bodies like WHO have been on the frontline attempting to educate different communities on the dangers that FGM presents to a woman (Mottin, Helene and Joelle 2011). Communities which practice this act are convinced that a woman has to go through this rite of passage in order to become a woman and so as to get a husband. The cultural practice of FGM is inclined so deep into some communities that it will be hard to stop. The best approach to ending FGM is educating people on the consequences that the procedure poses to women. Ignorance is bliss and so it is essential that different agencies which are campaigning to halt the act be on the frontline to educating the communities that are still practicing female circumcision.

Strict laws and policies should be passed to ensure that this heinous act is stopped around the globe. The UK is a good example of a country that has banned the act of FGM by implementing the Act of 2003 based on Female Genital Mutilation (Ending female genital mutilation in the UK 2013, p. 1610). There are penalties of 5-14 years for those who attempt practicing this act on the territory of the UK. Other countries around the globe especially those afflicted by FGM should take the example of the UK to ensure that the brutal procedure is halted among different communities.

FGM in Sierra Leone and Puckett in the UK

In accordance with Bjalkander, Leigh, Harman, Bergstrom & Almroth (2012, pp. 119-131) a good example of a society where female circumcision is vastly experienced to date is Sierra Leone in Africa. It is said to be number two in the statistical data which reveals that the practice is regarded to as a must for the girl child in almost all parts of the country. Recent campaigns held in Freetown and other major cities in the country have been futile to banning the act of female circumcision. This is because almost all the societies in Sierra Leone regard female circumcision as a promotion to good health and hygiene. The political arena has also failed in the fight against FGM since over 60% of the voting majority of women have already undergone the cut, and still support FGM.

The immigrant community known as the Puckett which took refuge in the UK centuries ago still practices FGM. The Puckett have attempted to nurture most of their cultural practices since the UK is not their original home. This is one of the reasons that make them still continue practicing the cultural practice despite the many risks present. The UK Government has strict laws on female circumcision and anyone found practicing it is under risk of being arrested. The community carries out the act illegally in the UK as it is a violation of human rights in the UK (Ending female genital mutilation in the UK 2013, p. 1610).


In conclusion, the research proposal on FGM has used different mix methods to critically give a detailed scope of the procedure in a detailed manner. The contents have been researched in an effective and efficient manner using different angles that are used in writing a paper using mixed methods. It is crucial that the global community be on the frontline to ban the heinous act of FGM. There are a lot of repercussions to female circumcision as it devalues a woman on many different angles. It is crucial that the global community strategize on ensuring that proper education and strict laws are put on those communities that still expose their girl child to FGM.

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