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It is with great sorrow that I would like to bring to your attention that I have noted that some of our esteemed instructors and lecturers have been discriminating some students in the nursing program in your school based on their skin color. The most affected students are foreign students who come from different countries outside the United States of America.

I am highly impressed with the hard work, cooperation, good heartedness and commitment of these foreign students to study nursing in your school. In addition to assisting fellow students during practical sessions in the laboratories, these foreign students are so cooperative in the classrooms and often assist their fellow students with class work whenever need arises. These foreign students have also been struggling to learn the local languages so that they can easily communicate with the local students. They have also shown great interest in learning the local cultures.

In my opinion, these brave and intelligent students from foreign countries have greatly devoted their lives to study nursing so that they would be successful in future, be able to assist their families and communities as well as bringing positive change in their home countries.

Sadly, the efforts by these foreign students to succeed in life as well as to blend well and integrate into this community of local students will be thwarted by non-cooperative instructors and lecturers who discriminate against them. Some of the lecturers in the nursing program have been openly discriminating against these foreign students. I would assert that it is sorrowful for the lecturers to discriminate the students based on their skin colors. In my opinion, discrimination of the students would ultimately destroy their studies and future lives as well.

To the best of my knowledge, I believe that discrimination of persons based on their race and skin color or any other factor such as religion is illegal and punishable by national and federal laws. Therefore, I would urge you as the administrator of the nursing school to take stern actions against those lecturers who discriminate against foreign students.

I would greatly appreciate if the above issue is taken into consideration as soon as possible, and I look forward for your positive response and cooperation.

Letter of the 2nd student

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention two contentious issues that are affecting nursing students in your college. Firstly, I would like to inform you that some foreign students are being discriminated by some instructors and professors. My classmates and I have identified some lecturers in the nursing program who have been discriminating foreign students based on their skin color. It is sad to mention that some of the lecturers such as Professor Lisa and Instructor Brenda are well known for singling out foreign students and showing favors to the American students.

It is really disappointing and heartbreaking to see our fellow students from countries outside the United States of America being maltreated based on their race, origin and skin color. From my part, all students should be given equal opportunities and treatment irrespective of their cultural or social background, race, skin color, religion, gender and nationality amongst other factors. I would also argue that the goal of education is to produce responsible citizens who embrace diversity in humankind. However, these prejudiced lecturers and professors have failed to recognize this important aspect of social life.

In addition, the foreign students who are being discriminated are very intelligent, cooperative, willing, and ready to study in our nursing school. However, the discriminative lecturers and professors are frustrating their efforts to study and work hard. In my view, discrimination is evil and should be highly condemned. Moreover, discrimination of foreign students in your nursing school shows a negative image to potential students. This would further hurt the brand or identity of the school in future.

Secondly, I would also like to recommend that the nursing program should be reviewed to provide broader view of the nursing profession. In my opinion, the students should not be prepared to pass the examinations of the school and the board, but should be equipped with adequate skills and knowledge that would assist them in their future endeavors. It is regrettable that the current nursing program is tailored towards preparing students to pass exams rather than equipping them relevant skills and knowledge required in the nursing profession.

Thank you for paying attention to this letter and I hope that you will take necessary actions and approaches to address the aforementioned issues.

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