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Effects of Focused Attention on Social Performance in People with Social Phobia

Abstract Performing social tasks is a dreadful experience for some people. Those who worry when social responsibilities confront them usually have a series of self-focused thoughts that make them feel inadequate. The socially anxious always anticipate fear and evaluate themselves after every social activity. They notice the slightest mistakes and behavior they ought to have […]

Application of the Nursing Process

Introduction The world is rapidly becoming a multicultural global village. The spread of cultural diversity has created a room for the existence and development of many previously neglected world religions and cultures. Jewish culture represents the Jewish people in terms of their religion and worship, literature, mode of dressing, lifestyle and other aspects of life. […]

Cyber Security Threats: America’s First Amendment Free Speech vs. The World’s Censorship

This paper explores the rise in the cases of online piracy and other cyber crimes that have raised concerns about cyber security. It explores how cyber crimes have become a big threat to the stability of countries as terrorists hack into the systems and gain access to private and confidential information held by the intelligence […]

Homeopathy vs. Allopathy

At all times humans faced with various diseases which needed treatment. Concerning the available methods and medicines, people always have had a choice in spite of the level of medicine. The fact is that this process was usually accompanied by constant doubts. Still nowadays in an era of new technologies and high level of scientific […]

Mushrooms in My Water

The problem of tooth decay and strength of dental enamel, gums, and blood vessels is one of the most widespread health issues of the recent years. Scientists all over the world continue to look for the most appropriate way of treating and preventing tooth decay and cavity problems. This research is devoted to the question […]

A Brief History of Afghanistan

Afghanistan: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of this country? Of course, such as: the war; terrorism; all kinds of human disasters; a set of common answers of average citizens. Few people know about beautiful buildings, which are decorated with tiles and mosaics. Not many of you […]

Chesterfield County Airport

Chesterfield County Airport (FCI) is a general aviation airport, whose facility is categorized as a reliever airport to Richmond International Airport, according to the Categories and Aircraft Design Groups of National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems and Virginia Air Transportation System Plan. According to the data reported to the Virginia Department of Aviation in 2009, […]

Store Audit

Company Profile Walgreens Company is the number one drugstore chain operating in the United States of America. It operates over five thousand self-supporting stores in all fifty states. Its headquarters are situated in Deerfield, Illinois. The company deals with stocking of prescription drugs, cosmetics, groceries, and over the counter medications as well as general merchandise. […]

The Foundation of the Canon

Globally, Christians refer to the canon of the New Testament as a set of books that constitute the New Testament of the Holy Christian Bible. Christians believe that the authors of these books of the Holy Bible were divinely inspired. The set of books of the canon of the New Testament are believed to have […]

Critical Thinking and Emotions

There are two approaches: critical thinking or intuition and emotions. The matrix of Ethical Lens Environment suggests four different ways of understanding the personality. The analysis of the lens gave the ground to claim that, at some point of view, I prefer rights and responsibility. Therefore, I can use my core values: rationality and autonomy. […]

Sociology of Death and Dying

The following essay is focused on the highlighting of sociology of death and dying. The aim of the research is to identify the definition of death and to classify sociological aspects of death, such as suicide, abortion prohibition, death penalty, euthanasia, and several others based on fear of death. Death, as a phenomenon, can be […]

Schizophrenia – a Serious Illness

Schizophrenia is a serious medical illness that represents a collection of mental and behavioral phenomena that affect a person’s life in a debilitating way. The following features are singled out most often in the observation of schizophrenic patients: abnormal perceptions, extraordinary beliefs and delusions, hallucinations, malfunctioning of thought construction which as a result leads to […]

Effective Leaders

Protagonists of the contingency theory state that “most relationships between leaders and followers are based on authority and submissionâ€. In this respect, Gardner (1995) stated that there should be “a sharp differentiation between the role of leaders and followers†where followers should not be mistaken for subordinates and should be “prepared to believe in the […]

Appearance is the Mirror of a Woman

Women always pay attention to their appearance, looks, clothes, make-up, and language, verbal and non-verbal. In their everyday life, they face decisions of what to wear in order to look fantastic; and this choice is very important for them. The self-presentation of every woman includes her clothes and manner of speaking and behavior. Women typically […]

Dynamic Individual Counseling

In recent times, counseling has become an important component in peoples’ lives. Indeed, modern individual is facing many challenges and distress of daily life. Personal growth and developmental problems have necessitated the need for guidance and treatment to ensure that one can manage day to day activities without any difficulties thus, the justification for individual […]

Living in a Foreign Land

Many a time, one is overwhelmed at the thought of travelling to and settling in a developed country, but is it all sweet? America has been a major destination to many immigrants, legal and illegal alike. Some come to study while others to work; all in the name of a better life. However, this is […]

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