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Friendship can be defined as acompanionship between two or more human beings. It is an alliance with another person’s misfortunes and follies. It can therefore be defined as a bond that exists in ones feeling towards the other. Friendship is based on the desire and tendency to express the best for their friends, the feeling of empathy and sympathy as well as being truthful, honest and understanding. Friendship is always considered as a term more close and intimate sharing common interest, spending time together and based on mutual trust.

Types of friendship

There are different types of friendships. There is friendship based on common interest. This type of friendship can either be academic or professional. It’s an acquaintance type of relationship at work place, school or at the society where two or more people cooperate on their daily task and help each other. When their common cooperation cease, friendship becomes less strong.

Another type of friendship is based on plain attraction. Friendship in this case exists since two or more people are physically attracted to one another. Additionally, we have a demand/supply type of relationship. This is where one person can offer the other with what they need, for instance, advice, help, money etc. This type of friendship exists where person X requires something from person Y. During their meeting, they can chat, reason together, help each other or even have fun together.

Finally, hybrid friendship exists from the respect of two or more people who enjoy spending their time together. This people will manage to maintain something in common whether they work together or not, study together or not. This people are not forced by circumstance to have something in common. Other type of friendship includes internet friendship, pen pals, blood sister or brother friendship and soul mates.


Friendship is the sufficiency of the share of our miseries and joys. Friendship relationship is based on respect, mutual trust and common interest. All friends have equality in quantity but some are more equal in quality than others. Friendship can therefore be defined as the sum of different components whose quality and stability is measured through analyzing the extent of persistent on each component in the friendship. Good friends should encourage each other. According to Jefferson, he states “friendly relation and the state of being friends is an affection arising from good will and mutual esteem. It’s an attachment to a person or between persons”

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