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This paper aims to discuss the Hells Angels Motorcycle originality of the group, their members and their impact on society. The Hells Angels Motorcycle club is a worldwide club of motorcycle riders. The motorcycle club began in1948 in California during the same time the economy had surpluses from the military bonuses as such, motorcycles were affordable. The military personnel after several years of being in the war were looking for adventure in all manner of things. Although there are several theories how the group started, Otto Friedli was the veteran who was credited for starting the club. He was in a motorcycle club named Pissed Off Bastards he fell out with the club members and came up with a rival gang “HELL’S ANGELS”. The name “Hell’s Angels” was popular during the first and second world war because of the jets used in the war. The name was also the title of a famous film by Howard Hughes about the royal flying corps. The Motorcycle group remained in California for around 20 years; from 1961 it started spreading to other regions and states. The first chapter of the group was in New Zealand. The group grew to be in more than 30 countries, the catalyst of the spread being the devil imagery and the rise of pop culture.

The members of the organization prefer to use Harley-Davidsons form of bikes. The members of the organization refer to themselves as “one percenters” this is according to the saying that one percent of troublemakers give wrong reputation to ninety nine percent of respectable bikers. Most of the Hell’s Angels members are caught in criminal acts arrests have been made in weapon possession, assault, drug trafficking and numerous accusations of murder. In 1969, the members of the group were accused of murdering Mike Jagger; however, the case was ruled as self-defense and no convictions made. However, several convictions are made of the several crimes that the group is involved in. The U.S department of justice considers the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club an organized crime syndicate. In Canada, the group has been part of moral panic involving the politicians, media and the public that sensitizes about the importance of isolated criminal acts. Among the crimes that the group members were accused about is the death of a woman in New York’s East village in 2007, earlier in 2002 three bikers were killed after violence erupted between Mongols gang and Hell’s Angels in a casino. The group’s activities are thus monitored by SWAT teams including all the charity works this is so as to prevent chaos in case there is trouble.

The members of the group are bound by loyalty and strong brotherhood they are free-spirited and can be violent at times. For one to be eligible to become a Hell’s Angels member one must have a driving license, have a motorcycle with over 750cc and the qualities of the person should match those of the group members. There is no automatic qualification even after a long process of qualifying stages the prospective members are invited to the club and at first only invited to some of the group’s events. The stages involve becoming an associate then a prospect; at this level the member does not have the voting rights. The final stage is becoming a full member; the member has a four-piece crest, a death logo, a rectangular patch (MC) and two rockers. The full membership is acquired after being voted for by the full members. The group does not racially discriminate people.

The members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang are ordinary citizens of any country; they face the same human need, such that, they require shelter, food and clothes. The group does not have a fund from which it can feed its members or employee them. The members of the gang hold regular jobs as clerks, construction workers, and mechanics and in rear cases professional jobs. However, some of the members seek to earn additional income through criminal activities. It is believed by some people that the Hell’s Angels are only bent towards crime and wrong doing. The Hell’s Angels members accuse the media of wrong accusations relating to violence and crime it is the tendency of the media to put an accusing figure on every actions relating to the group. However, in most countries the media has been right, violence in different countries have erupted as a cause of the groups actions. In reaction to the accusation from different sectors, the Hell’s Angels have stated that whatever they do right nobody remembers, unfortunately, whatever they do wrong nobody forgets. As such, the group admits of wrong but believes that it has done a lot of good.

Although the know members might be known to be short tempered, fearsome and involved in criminal activities. However, they are usually involved in several charity events that assist children and also the veterans. The members of the group are able to raise funds for these events. The charities events have dozens of charity bikes, some of this events aim in controlling crime in different cities. The events usually involve a heavy police presence; this is because of the need to control any chaos when the bikers ride together. The bikes are also checked and all the licenses verified. Breath tests are usually performed to make sure that each member of the group is sober as to minimize any violence. However critics say that the gang uses the charity events to cover their criminal activities.

There are different chapters of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle group, the organization of this group is secretive in nature but what is known is that the group has road captain, a secretary, a treasurer, a vice president and a president. This is basically the organization structure of all the chapters. In addition, there is a sergeant of arms who hold an important position in the organization. The chapters are either small or large depending on membership in different states; the first chapter of the organization is the mother chapter. The mother chapter sets out the organizations goal and other strategic issues. The president of the mother chapter is the highest ranked authority of the group. They run their organization from club houses; these are buildings or estates that are acquired to act as the head office of the organizations activities.

The Hell’s angels motorcycle club is spread throughout the world all the continents have some of member. In Africa, they are found in South Africa. Hells angels have more than 3000 members and more than 231chapters in more than 30 countries. The organization still has various things borrowed in the post war error period, the name Hell’s Angels” was borrowed from the naming of fighter groups in china. The group has maintained the use of patches which is similar to those of the military medals. The leather jackets, of red and black colors have been maintained to date.

In a nutshell, the group has a lot of information that is only know to the members. Some of the group’s members maintain a professional life and free of crime. However, some of the members are involved in acts of violence and crime and result to the conclusion that Hells Angels is a criminal gang.

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