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Televisions are electrical devices, which have become a necessary part of human lives. People watch television as a form of entertainment, education, and a source of information. Besides the positive effects of TV’s, there are contradictions because of the diverging opinions that TV’s have negative implications on the society. The social aspects of TVs in society are related to health issues. However, there is much dispute as to what those health effects are, and how serious the effects are, and if these effects are more or less evolutionary with changes in communication technology. In American society, there is a common argument that although television watching is perceived to promote laziness and obesity in a society, it leads to a society being informed, as well as entertained. 

Negative and positive impacts of television

Television has both positive and negative impacts on the society and culture of the American people. Signorielli observed that in the past decades, people were more active, since nobody wanted to sit at their homes with no form of entertainment. This came in handy, since people exercised. Today, TV provides entertainment within a house; hence, there is no need to walk out and wander around looking for a way to entertain oneself.

Entertainment has come with many reimbursements, as well as challenges, to our society, and it has significantly altered the way we converse. For the majority of population in our culture in the present day, television is the main basis of entertainment. It has assisted in developing a civilized society by creating an impact on books and newspapers, as well as magazine blueprint and content. People watch movies, news, and access games, which are the examples of entertainment. TV’s also provide live warfare reports, which have an impact on human civilization.

Television has become one of the greatest sources of influence on the American families. We discern when to acquire and vend stock, what innate catastrophes are coming our way, as well as what newest fashion items to purchase. Television and technology have introduced loads of different schools of contemplation into the dwellings of Americans, which may be a problem, since a number of television channels unconstructively influences the young adults, when drugs, sex, and aggression are publicized. The television media has distorted the way of judgment of a lot of adults as well.

We are informed what to dress in, to consume, to drink, as well as to say. We are, in addition, informed where we are to go, as well as what vehicle to drive. We are too trained on how we are to take care of others according to the values of Hollywood. These novel teachings are not at all times in line with the means of what we were trained earlier. The ethics in this nation is varying with the thinking of “everybody else is doing it, why not me”. Therefore, TV’s influence the way the civilization develops these days.

Televisions have a significant political influence on the American society. Politicians use TV’s to reach voters. Therefore, commercial television has a significant impact on the American society and culture. It has influenced in the past and is still influencing the way people think, concerning such crucial social issues as gender, rank, as well as race. Between 1940s and 2000s, the television has played a major role in the political processes, especially in shaping the national election campaigns. Programs and commercials aired on the televisions have contributed greatly to the increased American materialism. Television and technology have also helped to spread the American culture around the whole world. The news is a crucial source of information for our society today. With the coming of television, it is easy for us to appreciate and visualize clearly what happens in various parts of the world, as well as the way it appears and develops.

TV’s presents certain consequences to the viewers in the long run. For instance TV’s as an action, and messages concerning food in television programs, are assumed to have played certain roles in the establishment of the long-term patterns of food predilection, eating manners, and physical action levels in relaxation time. Furthermore, there are programs portraying eating and drinking practices which are probably not conducive to good health. In addition, TV’s may influence the eating patterns of people. For instance, there are programs which encourage people to consume fast foods, such as, snacks, instead of well prearranged meals. Television watching is a stumpy energy action. While viewing television, people are inclined to eat snacks. Moreover, the huge variety of the programs and commercials only encourage the consumption of calorie dense foodstuff, with the insinuation that people, who munch through these foodstuffs, rarely become fat.

Most advertisements show performers seen on television consuming alcoholic beverages. Despite the patterns of eating they employ, the characters are hardly ever overweight. The diets on television can be unbalanced and at times even fattening, but the characters in the commercials and other programs remain slender and healthy. Research shows that today television and other technologies are the main causes of obesity in our society. The likelihood of obesity increases by 2% for each hour for each day of television watching. The more a person views TV, the more likely he or she is to become less fit/more fat. However, Television can also promote healthy eating practices. Public tune-up announcements for sustenance and healthy food utilization emerge to have constructive effects on the children, especially when not followed by the commercials for junk food.


The product of the above harmful things of television and technology appears to exist. We have turned out to be desensitized towards hostility, and our feminine children assume that they have to look like skeletons in order to become good-looking. Thus, it is important to understand that today TV’s present different challenges to society in different ways. However, the current society depends on TV’s and other forms of media to be informed on the security matters, especially in this era, where most of the American public infrastructure have become a target to the terrorist attacks.

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