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Some of the major experiences I have had with persuasive writing include difficulties in logical organization of ideas and facts within the essay, focusing on the main facts or arguments and consistent use of clear and straightforward prose when writing. Additionally, sometimes it becomes hard to find adequate evidences that the writer may use to convince the reader.

I have also experienced difficulties in remaining assertive and reasonable throughout the essay. In certain cases, I often use more negative statements than positive statements. This creates an imbalance of ideas within the essay. Hence, I learnt that proper wording is vital in writing persuasive essays.

Lastly, I learnt that it is important to choose selectively the most appropriate words to bolster the arguments. Arguments may also be supported using facts and definite figures. Laying adequate emphasis on the main points is also crucial.

Ways of Using Persuasive Writing in My Future. In my opinion, I would use persuasive writing in my university career and professional life to write high quality research papers. This would facilitate my career development and growth. Through persuasive writing, I would be able to convince the target audience about the topic of discussion, for example, persuasive writing can be used to convince the professor about the viability of a given project proposal.

In my personal life, I would persuasive writing to communicate and address various issues that may be affecting the society, for example, gender discrimination at the workplace and maltreatment of persons with disabilities. Persuasive writing can also be used to seek attention from the government so that it can address particular social problems, such as high rates of unemployment, increased rate of inflation and misappropriation of public funds by state officers among others.

Challenges in Writing Documents for Others. When writing documents or essay for other people, numerous challenges may be faced. First and foremost, the writer may experience poor development of objectives of writing the essay. Poor development of clear objectives during essay writing often results into diversions from the main issue that the essay should address. When the writing objectives are not clearly statements, the writer often loses focus.

Secondly, an essay writer may stockpile, gather or accumulate most of the supportive ideas or facts within one or two paragraphs only. This results into inadequate distribution of ideas and facts throughout the essay.

Thirdly, the writer may fail to properly prioritize his or her arguments and facts. Poor prioritization of ideas and facts often leads to development of weak essays. In my opinion, the strongest facts should be placed in the first paragraphs of the essay so as to attract and capture the reader’s attention. Similarly, the writer should begin the essay with strong and powerful opening or introductory paragraphs to effectively capture the reader’s attention.

Last but not least, an essay writer may partially or completely dismiss counter arguments or facts. He or she may assume that such facts shall reveal the weaknesses of the essay. However, I would argue that it is vital to include counter arguments so as to strengthen the essay. Inclusion of counter arguments also indicates open mindedness and incorporation of other people’s ideas and views, even if such ideas may be conflicting with personal views. The writer should not attack opposing views.

Description of the Primary and Secondary Audiences. In the above mentioned topic, the primary audiences would be the federal and state governments and healthcare professionals in public hospitals whereas the secondary audience would be the general public. The government and healthcare professionals are the key players in the healthcare industry, hence they form primary audiences. On the other hand, the general public is the immediate recipients of services in public hospitals, hence secondary audiences.

Reasons as to Why these are the Major Audiences for the Selected Topic. The federal and state governments are the primary audience because they are solely responsible for ensuring that citizens receive high quality healthcare services within public hospitals. It is the responsibility of the government to provide adequate healthcare to the people, for example, through adequate budgeting and funding of healthcare facilities to facilitate provision of medical services to citizens.

The governments should also ensure that public hospitals have state of the art equipments and facilities that would facilitate provision of high quality healthcare services. Moreover, healthcare professionals are also primary audiences because they provide services directly to patients. Therefore, medical professions should ensure that the services they offer high quality services that meet and exceed expectations of patients.

On the other hand, the general public forms secondary audience because they are directly and indirectly affected by healthcare services within public hospitals, hence the quality of the services impacts their daily lives.

Expectations the Audiences. The federal and state governments, healthcare professionals and the general public would have various expectations about the writer’s research on the topic and evidences that he or she provides to support the claims.

The federal and state government would like to know the chief researchers and main purpose or intentions of the research. The governments would also like to obtain a detailed analysis of the primary research findings so as to facilitate its public policy making processes. Moreover, the government would expect definite figures of affected patients as well as the exact hospital experiencing the problems. On the other hand, the healthcare professionals would be interested in knowing the major medical care areas that experience the problems so that they would improve on them. The governments and healthcare professionals would also like to establish the major causes of such problems so as to enable them take appropriate preventive and control measures. Healthcare professionals and the government may need also an exhaustive comparison between the research study and previous research findings as well as the alternative solutions suggested by the researcher.

Lastly, the general public would like to know the best healthcare service providers, from which they would seek medical assistance. The general public would also be interested in determining the responsible parties, whom they may hold accountable for poor services in hospitals.

Sabre Hospitality Solutions is a marketing firm that provides marketing services to various hotels and other services providers such as tour guides in the hospitality industry. It provides also consultancy services to various firms and stakeholders in the hospitality industry. Sabre Hospitality Solutions also distributes and supplies equipments and innovative tools that would facilitate hoteliers in providing high quality services to their clients.

The format and visual displays of the website are composed of high quality pictures. The displays also have high definition resolutions to capture the attention of the viewers. More, the website has a collection of numerous beautiful pictures that slide at definite time intervals. The pictures were taken from appealing sceneries with attractive natural backgrounds. The sliding pictures are also supported with powerful short sentences that provide additional information about the organization. In my opinion, the use of the beautiful photos and images assists in creating an appealing websites for viewers, especially tourists.

Use of Logos, Ethos and Pathos in the Website. In my view, Sabre Hospitality Solutions uses pictures and images to capture the attention of viewers. The photos, images and short sentences displayed on the website convince viewers that there is more meaning to nature and tourism beyond their expectations. The displays slide in a logical and sensible manner.

Through creation of strong ethos, the organization is able to persuade the viewers that it is the best service provider in the hospitality industry. The flashing images create a more appealing, persuading and believable message.

Lastly, the scenery in the pictures creates emotional impact on the viewers, for example, a photo of a man and his son sailing a boat towards the shore depicts a real sense of recreation. In my view, the website has used pathos to create feelings and mood appeals in viewers.

Future Use of Format Design and Visuals in Personal Life. In my future college papers and personal life, I would use format designs and visuals to create impressive and attractive essays that would convince the audience about my ideas and views. Through use of elements such as ethos and pathos, I would create appealing designs and visuals that can easily persuade the target audiences.

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