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Some countries have been attacked by natural disasters over and over again. Though the disasters are usually unpredictable and can attack any area, there are measures that countries can adopt so that they can reduce their effect and also mitigate the damages caused by these natural disasters. Many countries in Southern Asia are usually victims of these disasters over and over again. For instance Bangladesh has been called a land of natural disasters because its vulnerability to disaster is very high and these disasters often attack leading to lots of death and damage of property which has made the country population to suffer a lot and the disasters have also hampered the economic growth of the country. The country has been severely damaged by the natural disasters. These disasters effect in the area can however be reduced by the country adopting measures which increases their preparedness when such disasters strike. For instance let’s take the Southern part of the country along Sunda trench.

The area physical properties or technical characteristics make it vulnerable to natural disasters. As a leader in the area I would take note of these physical characteristics so as to reduce the effects of the disasters effect on my people. For instance the Sunda trench is one of the physical characteristics. This trench was responsible for the earthquake in 2004. The changes in the floor sediments resulted to this earth quake since the SUMATRA earthquake originated from it. The area is also a subduction zone. Paulson (2005) argued that the Indian Ocean earthquake was as a result of the subduction which set off many destructive tsunamis along the coastal area which borders Indian Ocean. This proves that subduction zones increases the vulnerability of the Sunda trench area to natural disasters. The disaster arises when the ocean depths when the subduction zones erupts. The other physical characteristic of the area is wells which are located in low grounds in the Bay areas.These wells lead to a lot of surge accumulating along the coastline. This surge is also increased by the shape of the coastline which is shaped like a funnel. The sea water levels in the area are high and result in floods in the area due to the shallow sea bed. People in the area have also cut trees which have resulted to a higher risk of flooding and rise in sediment level. As a leader in the area I would encourage people to plant trees and ban tree cutting in the area which would lead to less flooding because trees absorb water from the rainfall and also the sediment would not build reducing the vulnerability to the trench causing earthquakes. I would also purchase detection and warning systems of oncoming earthquakes would also assist in reducing the impact of such a disaster by providing proper warnings in advance. Handwerk (2005) reported that governments were scrambling to setup early warning systems to avert disaster. I would also push the government to invest in disaster reduction initiatives since the impact of such disasters is usually large on areas with low development.

The area is characterized by extreme climate changes in the area and as a leader I would increase severe hydro-meteorological events as a disaster risk reduction. Most people in the area live in lower grounds and thus when tornadoes attack they are highly likely to die, as the leader I would encourage people to build their shelters which can withstand the wind and built them on higher grounds. Bennet (2008) argued a cyclone becomes a disaster because people have no way of making preparation to save their lives and belongings and thus preparedness prevents the tornadoes from becoming a natural disaster. The governance of the place is not also good since they don’t allocate money for disaster reduction initiatives. As a leader I would set a good example for the rest by purchasing the machines and knowledge for mitigating disasters. I would also encourage people to build sea walls and coastal protections as Revkin (2008) proposed since they reduce sea rising and earthquakes. I would take advantage of technological developments to reduce the effects of natural disasters in the area. Good shelters, updated warning system, storm barriers would be my top priorities in reducing the natural disasters vulnerability and effects.

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