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Psychological Consideration and Sociological Effects of Pharmaceutical Engineering. However, there are certain areas of medicine where biomedical technology has been widely accepted recently. For instance, in the pharmaceutical industry, the use of biomedical technology has been widely adopted in generating drugs that are more potent and have superior pharmaco-kinetic profile. In most cases, the challenge to drug therapy is usually in its formulation because many drugs are not easily absorbed or distributed in the body.

Thus, biomedical technology has been applied in trying to increase their pharmaco-kinetic property and give such drugs a greater bioavailability. According to the available literature, the drugs in this manner have tremendously changed the world and brought back into use drugs that people stopped using because they had inferior absorption and distribution. In addition, biomedical technology has found application in generating completely new drugs for human and animal use. For example, human insulin is currently obtained from microorganisms.

The medical scientists isolated from humans the human gene that was responsible for the generation of insulin and inserted it into the genetic makeup of bacteria. As a result, they generate huge amounts of the product considering that the rate of production by the bacteria is very high.

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