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Political violence has been in existence as early as the 1780s and especially in the recent times taking different forms altogether. In actual sense, political violence is a means that is employed by people and governments around the world to achieve political goals. For instance, ideological genocide under Hitler and genocide in Rwanda were all forms of political violence aimed at eliminating members of certain political groups in order to gain power (Conteh-Morgan, 2004, p.217). Taking the example of what happened during the American Revolution; political violence in form of war was the only way out for the Americans to come out of the colonialism as well as atrocity of the Great Britain.

Coups d’état happen frequently in some countries of which some of the citizens or some political leaders feel that the government leadership is oppressive and for this reason, Coups d’état happen in order to overthrow the government. An example of such Coups d’état happened in Pakistan (Conteh-Morgan, 2004, p.171). Generally, causes of political violence have been issues like oppression and dictatorial governments, atrocity, unfair treatment and distribution of resources, quest for freedom and power in the larger perspective.

Arguably it is possible to alleviate or eliminate such causes that lead to political violence of which this can be best translated as prevention of political violence occurrence in the future. From a broader point of view, people have a deep desire for peace and security and most of them have a quest to get this desire met. It is therefore important to educate citizens about the impacts of political violence in order to make them conscious of preventing anything that can trigger political violence. Since it is in most part used as a political instrument, a combination of tactics should be employed to prevent it. In line with this, conflict prevention should be done by peace building when there is a political instability. Furthermore, during crisis peace should be kept while making an application of crisis diplomacy (Conteh-Morgan, 2004, p.280). In the same line of thought, peacemaking and enforcement should be applied during the war times. In addition, quick response to early warning information regarding political violence should be employed along with alignment of international resources with local needs.

Diverse international partnerships and close and continuous analysis of the source of conflict should be closely and continually analyzed. Some of the world examples whereby political violence called for international partnership were in South Africa whereby the war was between the apartheid government and the anti-apartheid movement (Conteh-Morgan, 2004, p.280). This was finally resolved by negotiations between the colonial power and the African National Congress youth League under the leadership of Nelson Mandela aided by U.S and other UN members. This is one of the examples of political violence among many as such. Notably, United Nation (UN) has been for many times been involved in mediating for peace whenever political violence occurs in effort to ensure that international law of human rights is adhered to.

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