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Sustainability reporting covers main areas of governance, social, environmental, and economic performance. The purpose of sustainability reporting to an institution is to ensure that there is proper management of change in order to achieve sustainable growth. Sustainability in organizations aims at delivering long-term profitability while taking care of the environment and social aspects. The policy in the sustainability report assists the organization in engaging valuable stakeholders, improving internal operations, and persuading investors to consider investing in the company’s operations. Considering the benefits realized from sustainability reporting, there is always room for improvement of the performance of organizations’ activities towards sustainable growth in a global economy. A general approach used to improve sustainability in an organization involves frequently evaluating, monitoring, and reporting about the positive impact on the economy and society.

Promotional Plan

As discussed in part B, the Greener Supply Chain is based on three core values that involve respect for the environment, unity, cooperation among all business functions, and personal commitment of all employees towards the realization of such goals. The adoption of a Greener Supply Chain system for Fuji Xerox entails close coordination among the key business units of Fuji Xerox. The success of the Greener Supply Chain necessitates the employment of specific programs for inbound logistics, main operations, outbound operations, and marketing and sales. However, such programs must be aligned with its main values that further support the company’s vision and mission.

Fuji Xerox has to reconfigure the company’s business operations to satisfy the objectives set by the Greener Supply Chain system and must begin with an effective communication campaign that will stir the interest of both internal and external stakeholders of the company. Considering the increased global competition in this industry, the management should implement effective strategies that will enable the long-term profitability of the company (Schmandt 2010). This paper outlines an intensive program for the promotion of the Greener Supply Chain system.

The “Be Greener Campaign”

The campaign that I am proposing to support the revamping of business operations of Fuji Xerox through the Greener Supply Chain system is called the “Be Greener Campaign”. In this regard, the program will utilize various ‘touchpoints to increase the impact of the program on its intended audience. With this, I will divide my discussion into three parts: first, the theme of the campaign; second – communication venues or tools to be used with specific executions; and last, the targets that must be attained.

The inspiration behind the ‘Be Greener Campaign’ is the idea that organizational success in whatever form and cause could only be attained through the cooperation of members involved. Linking this concept to the primary goal of reconfiguring the supply chain system of Fuji Xerox, it can be said that since all business functions of Fuji Xerox are involved in the ‘greening’ process—from logistics to marketing and sales—it is essential to get the full co-operation and support of every department. Stakeholders of the company will be exceedingly valuable in enabling the effective implementation of the Greener Supply Chain System. The Be Greener campaign will run for three months. It will start with a launch period, followed by a follow-through or sustaining period. The campaign will also utilize various communication tools to bolster the impact of the campaign on its intended audience.             

Campaign Phase

Activities Involved


Launch period

– Introduction of ‘Be Greener Campaign’ to internal and external stakeholders;

– Integrating procedures, establishing timelines to track the effect of necessary changes;

– Increasing awareness through a national convention among all Fuji Xerox companies.

First month

Follow through period 

– Dissemination of various communication materials in all forms;

– Launch of mini programs to further increase awareness and create excitement among the employees of Fuji Xerox.

Second to third month

Greener Campaign summary

Launch Period

The launch of the Greener Supply Chain system must be approved by the highest authority in the organization. As such, a letter will be sent by the CEO of Fuji Xerox to all employees and business partners of the company to highlight the need for ‘greening’ the company’s business processes. To further stir the attention of the intended audience, a short video will also be sent via email. The video will communicate the position of the company regarding the rapid changes in the global climate. Fuji Xerox management will have various meetings with key stakeholders and business partners to ensure that the message is well understood by various partners.

During the discussions, the company and suppliers should establish timelines to effectively meet these requirements of a Greener Supply Chain. This activity will be further magnified through a national convention in all Fuji Xerox companies across the globe. This get-together activity is meant to increase the awareness of both internal and external stakeholders of the company as well as to strengthen their commitment to contributing their share to turning this global initiative into a success.

Sustaining Period

The sustaining phase of Be Greener Campaign is divided into:

  • Utilization of various communication tools to maintain the relevance of the message among the employees;
  • Launch of mini-programs that aim to create excitement among the intended audience.

As for the first part, the following tools will be used to communicate the campaign’s message: 

Communication Tools for Be Greener Campaign

First, the internal email blast will thank all employees, who participated in the national convention that was intended to launch the Be Greener campaign. Also, it will outline upcoming activities that will be launched by the company to instill the message of cooperation and self-initiative as key ingredients of the success of this program. To make messaging influential, two different emails will be sent to all employees and business partners of Fuji Xerox for two weeks. Secondly, wall posters will be hung in all hallways, elevators, toilets, and other attended places in buildings and manufacturing plants of Fuji Xerox. This will be done to further bombard employees with the message of the Be Greener campaign. An example of a wall poster is displayed below:

Thirdly, pamphlets will be distributed in strategic areas of the company such as lobbies and waiting areas in various corporate offices of Fuji Xerox. This initiative is intended to spread the message not only to employees of the company but, more importantly, to its business partners, who may physically visit the company. From a marketing communications standpoint, this activity will not only increase the awareness among the intended audience, but it will also improve the image of the company as a true advocate of environmental conservation.

Lastly, lobby displays will also be done. These will comprise of an audio visual display, which will show the same video presentation that has been sent by the CEO of Fuji Xerox. Alongside this video, a short creative presentation will also be shown in order to communicate the message that change can only happen if all members of the company participate and cooperate. Through this activity, employees will be more interested in the campaign.

As for the second part of the campaign, the HR department of the company can also launch an interactive gaming activity that can be played by all employees. This game is intended to communicate the specific messages of the Be Greener campaign. To make it more exciting, money incentives and other rewards can be given to game winners.

It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the Greener Supply Chain is implemented in line with the company’s mission and vision. However, the stakeholders have greater responsibility in the implementation of the system. Employees are responsible for ensuring that internal operations of the company run according to the system. It is the responsibility of suppliers to ensure that they supply environmentally friendly raw materials, while the quality assurance team ensures that quality of these raw materials is maintained (Ekins 2000).  

Benefits to Stakeholders


Employees of Fuji Xerox will exceedingly benefit from the implementation of Greener Supply Chain. This is because with the implementation of this sustainability policy, the company will be profitable in the long term. As such, employees will be assured of their jobs in the long run. Implementation of the policies will allow for low consumption of energy during business operations. The company will effectively manage business costs. As a result, employees will enjoy better incentives from the company. Implementation of the policies also means that employees will have better working environment.


Majority of shareholders will need to be convinced about the benefits of implementing a Greener Supply Chain. However, in the long run, shareholders’ wealth will be maximized. Through the Greener Supply Chain the company will add value to its operations, and this will positively affect the shareholders value. The company expects to grow and have sustainable profits in the long run. As such, the investors are assured to enjoy positive returns on their investments in the long run.


Customers will benefit from the use of environmentally friendly products. Customers become more sustainable through the use of equipments that are designed to save energy. This will reduce the costs that customers incur while using Fuji Xerox products. Other services that will be provided by the company will enable customers to reduce paper wastage and cut on carbon emissions.

Local Communities

Through the implementation of sustainability polices, the company will become a better corporate citizen. As such, local communities and the society as a whole will benefit because of the steps taken to care for the environment.

However, it must also be pointed out that while the concept of decreasing environmental impacts of business operations proves to be inherently positive and effective, specific business units may have different standpoints regarding the implementation of individual programs assigned to them. Cost management is difficult given the complexity of the demands entailed by ‘green procurement programs. Such disadvantages are only short-term in nature. Thus, the realization of benefits should be seen from a long-term perspective.

Improvements in Sustainability Policies and Procedures

Implementation of a Greener Supply Chain System will not be smooth, and challenges may make the policy to be abandoned, or the initial objectives of the policy will not be followed. There should be strategies that will continuously facilitate the improvement of the policy in a dynamic business environment. Strategies to ensure continuous improvement of the sustainability policies are discussed further.

Establish a Feedback Mechanism

Various feedback mechanisms are critical for the improvement of the corporate sustainable model. Management of Fiji Xerox should carefully identify and measure the effects of the Greener Supply Chain System. They should understand the effects of the system from an economic, social, and environmental perspectives. It is important to note that social and environmental factors affect all companies’ operations.

Feedback mechanism will provide adequate information that will assist management in decision making and taking necessary managerial decisions (Steger 2004). With a help of information gathered the company will either redesign its products or re-engineer its operations. Redesigning of products will be motivated by the need to make better products by the employees. The goal of the Greener Supply Chain is to ensure that the Fuji Xerox products are environmentally friendly. As a result, the improvements made might not meet customers’ expectations, and as such the company should ensure that with the help of information gathered, proper changes of design are implemented. Information gathered may result in re-engineering of company’s procedures. These will assist in the reduction of unnecessary costs and pollution as well as will help avoid risks that the institution is facing.

Employing a Quality Assurance Approach

The company should continuously ensure the quality of its products. Fuji Xerox will have an effective quality assurance department that will ensure the quality of all services and products provided. Quality standards will be set by the quality team after proper research about the expectations of customers and those maintained by the competitors.

Monitoring the Sustainability Policies

The company should evaluate all internal procedures for sustainability. This evaluation will involve testing the effectiveness of the set policies and procedures in the company. Management should visit selected operations of the company across the globe and conduct evaluations of the impact of sustainability policies. Monitoring will facilitate the improvement of sustainability policies through identification of areas that are not performing optimally.

Consistent Reporting

Fuji Xerox should consistently report on their sustainability performance. The reporting should be similar to financial reporting. The reporting of the sustainability performance will act as a catalyst to the continuous improvement of the performance. This is because, for the stakeholders’ benefit, performance will impact company’s operations positively. Investors will be easily persuaded to invest in the company, while the customers demand more of Fuji Xerox products.

In addition to the above procedures, proper research should be undertaken to ensure that the company makes necessary modifications in the policy. Modifications will be made after the authorization of senior management. Modifications may be made on daily operations, including office operations. Record keeping protocols may be modified to reduce the impact on the bottom line of the business as well as the carbon footprint.

Periodic review of the policy is necessary. Fuji Xerox will make quarterly review of the policy. The review will be undertaken by the management of the company, and the results will facilitate modifications necessary and form part of the report. During the year end, an audit will be carried out. The audit will be internal and it will not necessitate the need of an external auditor. The audit process will involve proper planning and setting out a proper audit program. The audit will involve the evaluation of selected policies and a report will be issued to the management.

The policy outcome documentation will be important to all stakeholders. The documentation should be well organized in line with company’s vision and mission. The report should include a statement from the CEO indicating the importance of sustainability policies and steps that have been undertaken to achieve sustainability of the organization. The report should briefly outline what the company does with a summary of its financial performance. It should also include a summary of annual review indicating the objectives in that year and the outcomes. The objectives may be achieved, partially achieved, or not achieved. In addition, the report should have detailed analysis of the performance of the company.


Implementation of the Green Supply Chain System will improve the corporate image of the organization. The benefits to the environment will be priceless, while the company will enjoy long-term growth. As a result, all companies’ stakeholders will benefit. This implies that they will get more gains than losses from the implementation of this policy. 

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