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The reality of the 21st century increasingly resembles social climate of the past, when women had to obey men’s commands and requests in order to avoid various forms of abuse. The statistics shows that approximately 2,000 women are raped daily, every 15 seconds a woman gets extremely battered, more than 4 million of American women are assaulted by men, one out of every three women during the whole life experience men’s violence. The following question remains unanswered: what are those rational reasons that make men commit violence against women?

The concept of “men’s violence against women” is vividly demonstrated by such forms of abuse as physical, sexual, and verbal. Each of these three forms reveals men’s manifestation of masculine dominance in the social environment. From the standpoint of power, male violence demonstrates positive masculine attitude in the general sense. In this sense, power also determines signs of superiority over women. On the other hand, male domination frequently turns out to be uncontrolled, what leads to sexual abuse.

The aspect of control can be perceived in two opposite ways: as the form of abuse, hence, as violence, and demonstration of males` traits of character. The last one is not even related to violence against women. However, nowadays violence against women becomes normalized with increasing frequency. Solid facts that I consider being rational in this process are as following: violence against females is normal in the context of gender, as far as it is socially developed notion; violence in the sign of masculinity; consequently, it was encouraged in men historically; finally, violence is the form of sexuality, as far as this concept was eroticized.

Summarizing everything written above, the concept of violence against women demonstrates physical, sexual, and verbal abuse that are gradually becoming normalized in modern society. I consider historical, sexual, and gender aspects to be by far compelling reasons of the process of normalization. Finally, from the standpoint of power and control violence is not always perceived as an aggressive act against females. I am convinced that there are never will be enough reasons to dub men’s violence a normal form of treatment the women.

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