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  1. Applegate, K. (2012). The one and only Ivan. New York: Harper Collins.
  2. I regard this as a book of hope. It is a story of Ivan, a gorilla living away from jungle in a town, his passion for art, and how his world changes when Ruby, a young elephant, comes into his world. It is a story of art and friendship. This book would make for a good storytelling time, as well as private reading.

    1. DeCamillo, K. (2000). Because of Winn-Dixie. New York: Candlewick Press.

    This is one of the most inspirational and entertaining children books one could read. The book tells about the 10-year-old Opal India, who has a very interesting outlook on life. Opal could be an inspiration to children through her bravery and ability to accommodate different people with different cultural backgrounds. The book also, like many good children books, creates a theme of harmony between people and animals, and helps people to appreciate life’s good side in spite of its problems. Therefore, it is a very interesting reading.

    1. 3. Grossblatt, B. (2012). Gotcha Gadgets. New York: Klutz.

    The title may sound like a cunning book, though in fact is it not true. The book includes a rather complex mix of science gadgets that will make science funny and revealing as well as guides children on how to make bells, alarms and sounds. The book is ideal for the science fun for middle level and upper level children.

    1. Kinney, J. (2007). Diary of a Wimpy Kid. New York: Amulet books.

    This is a series of hilarious books about a middle-school boy Greg Heffley, who struggles to fit in an environment full of dramatized challenges. He has problems with friends and peers, cries a lot, and brings humor in his daily outlook to school life. I like the direct nature in which the author depicts ordinary life. It’s a good read aloud book for older children.

    1. Korman, G. (2008). One False Note. New York: Scholastic Inc.

    This book is a refreshingly imaginative story of Dan, Amy and and their au pair, Nellie Gomez travelling the world looking for 39 hidden clues of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In their quest, they trespass a variety of cities places, and soon everyone is hot in their pursuit. It is a good book for children above 9 years.

    1. Lipkowitz, D. (2012). The LEGO Book. New York: DK Children.

    Lover of arts? This is the concept book for you. I love the way the illustrations are captivatingly imaginative yet simple for children to understand. The book may not capture interests of children younger than 6 years. Lego lovers may also enjoy the Lego ideas book by the same author.

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    1. Lupica, M. (2012). True Legend. New York: Philomel.

    For older children with a love for basketball, this book is ideal. In it, Lupica builds the story of True, a basketball legend whose prowess attracts potential sponsors promising riches. It is a cautionary book for playground heroes, thus is a good for children above 10 years.

    1. National Geographic (2012). National geographic Animal encyclopedia. New York: national Geographic.

    While children may love animals, not enough books give a detailed yet reader friendly fact sheet for each animal described. This book offers detailed pictures, facts and maps for more than 2500 animals. It is an informative reading material for both adults and younger children even if they are only look at pictures. Therefore, it is ideal for home and library use.

    1. O’Reilley, B. (2012). Lincoln’s Last Days. New York: Henry Holt and Co.

    The book is my personal favorite. It is an insightful history book, one of a few that children can easily read and which does not compromise content. It tells the story of the Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and the detailed justice process that followed the event. as the story is ideal for both older children and adults.

    1. Osborne, M.P. (2001). The Magic Tree House Collection. New York: Listening Library.

    It is an interesting storybook for children aged seven and up, the adventure collection with various children stories. The Magic Tree house is a place where Jack and his sister Annie are taken back into the past and have to find their way home before nightfall.

    1. Palacio, R. J. (2012). Wonder. New York: Knopf Books for Young Readers.

    A bestseller for children, this book deals with how a child with facial deformity struggles to fit in a bullying neighborhood. I love the way Palacio passionately deals with the vice of rejecting people on ground of physical looks. Generally, it is a good book for middle level children as they become aware of their physical differences.

    1. Patterson, J. (2012). I Funny. New York: Little, Brown and Company.

    A funny yet very inspirational book with a theme of hope and determination, I Funny is a middle school level story of a youngster, Jammie Grimm. The hero is confined to a wheelchair but works hard, fighting challenges, to become the famous stand-up comedian he wishes to be. The book is a good classroom read.

    1. Patterson, J. (2009). The Angel experiment: A maximum Ride Novel. New York: Little, Brown and Company.

    James Patterson’s wit for general stories is at its best in this book. It is an imaginative fictional work documenting the lives of extra-ordinary teenage Max and her friends as they battle half-wolves, half-human creatures to rescue their kidnapped friends in Death Valley. The book is a captivating story for people aged 12 years and teens.

    1. Robinson B. (1997). The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. New York: Harper Collins.

    This book is a dramatized narration of events surrounding Christmas celebrations. The plot depicts a chaotic family, the Herdmans, which is known for brutality and violence, and visits a church service during Christmas celebrations and take over the sermons. The book is ideal for home reading and is good for anyone above age nine.

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    1. Robinson, T. (2001). The Everything Kids Science Experiment Book. New York: Adams Media.

    Science could not be funnier. The simplicity of building a good science foundation as created in this book is amazing. A Math puzzles book of the same title is also available for Math and logic. It is ideal for children from grades 3 to 6.

    1. Rowling, J. K. (1999). Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. New York: Listening Library.

    This is an adventure with a theme of magic, rejection and triumph. I find it interesting. It follows the journey of an orphaned 10-year-old Harry who discovers he has magical powers and explores what he could be in a wizardly school. It is a good adventure and mystery reading book for children aged 8-13 years.

    1. Rusell, R. (2009). Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life. New York: Aladdin, First edition.

    A good display of contemporary teenage life, this fictional book documents the day to day activities of an eighth grade girl name Nikki. It discusses her struggles to get what she wants both in school and at home, and is comparable to Diary of a Wimpy kid, only for older girls. It is an ideal home reading book for youngsters aged 9 to 15 years.

    1. Silverstein S. (2009). A light in the Attic. New York: Harper Collins.

    I find this poetic collection very captivating. The book collects more than a hundred illustrated poems built on grammar and imagination skills. It is an ideal for a grammar class or just home reading. I would recommend the book for children above five years old.

    1. Telgemeir, R. (2012). Drama. New York: Graphix.

    I found this book very insightful for early talent development of youngsters and was amazed it had lessons for grownups too. It tells about a middle school girl, Callie, and her journey in becoming a theatre stage manager. The author’s other book about friendship, Smile, is also interesting.

    1. Winters, E. (2007). Calligraphy for Kids. New York: Sterling.

    I learnt some letter works here personally. This book is an ideal for the art oriented youngster but also informative for every amateur child who would like to color and write on birthday cards. It would be ideal for an art and design class.

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