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This movie, which is indeed one of the most outstanding samples of the American western genre, was made in 1993 and directed by one of the most renowned and inspirational moviemakers George Comatos and Kevin Jarre. The plot of the story was composed by Kevin Jarre himself.

The film depicts the events that took place in the 1880s in Tombstone, Arizona, and following the statements subsequently issued by the critics the movie can serve as a historical guide about the “Wild West” and the accompanying events.

The aim of this essay is to analyze the impact that was exercised by one of the main protagonists of the story, the notorious Wyatt Earp, and the contribution he made to the essence and to the message of the story.

The Personality of Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp is first presented as an officer who left the ranks of the armed forces and had a reunion with his brothers. The company decides to head for Tombstone to start living there. It is worth mentioning that Tombstone is a little, but a quickly developing mining town. The main career aspiration of Wyatt is to make money, and after a set of conversations with other characters in the movie, Wyatt decides to opt for the gambling business.

The conversation with Doc Holiday, a close friend of Wyatt, who arrived in Arizona to get a cure from progressing tuberculosis revealed that Wyatt is no longer romantically attracted to his wife and that the love does seem to fade away gradually. That notorious conversation exposes the blank truth of the Wild West, which is that the decency and the honor of the man were not measured by his affiliation, dedication, and loyalty to the woman he should or he may love. But the money has perverted any nature of a man on the Wild West and that was not conceived by something unnatural or unusual on the Wild West.

Another positive trait of Wyatt was revealed when he first encountered the gang of Cowboys, the gang wearing red sashes around their hands to make them recognizable among the member of their gang and in order to inform the community that they are gangsters and they are dangerous. It does seem to be relevant to stress the fact that the entire community is intimidated by them. When they arrived at the saloon, which was opened by the main character of the movie, Wyatt demonstrated the unique comprehension of the gangsters’ psychology.

Partially by the repetitive and solid assertions that he is no longer associated with the law enforcement agencies, partially by putting the gun to the head of the leader, irrespective of being outnumbered and psychologically pressed by the reputation of the Cowboys, Wyatt managed to extinguish the escalation of the conflict. Naturally, he manages that he is able to remain cool-headed and well balanced even in the situation of high emotional pressure and indefinite of the ultimate end.

His abilities as a tough guy were accentuated by the author in that episode making the target audience aware that whatever happens to Wyatt, he will have high chances to remain unscathed from almost any situation.

Further scenario informs the target audience that Wyatt Earp is a true hero of the Wild West. He has the unique capabilities of the commander and of the individual fighter as well. Undoubtedly the most illustrative episode of the story, which highlights his quick critical thinking, critical approach, and non-standard methods, was the false departure of the family, which was used as a pretense to side-track the attention and to lull the vigilance of the outlaws from the Cowboy bands.

Having ambushed their band and having been ambushed by them, Wyatt demonstrates definitely the unique talents of the fighter. He personally murdered the Brocious, the leader of the gang, and killed a significant number of other gunfighters from the gang, proclaiming himself a new marshal, who would kill everyone who is directly or indirectly connected to the bandits’ activity in general and to the atrocities of the Cowboys in particular. When he assumed the commandment over the good forces the gang is gradually eliminated.

The Personality and the Importance of Doc Holliday

Another important main character of the story is an experienced gambler and skilled gunfighter Doc Holliday. This man is no less professional in terms of shooting, playing cards, dueling, and throwing knives. In other words, he is not less tough than Mr. Wyatt himself. However, he suffers from a serious form of tuberculosis and he and his friends vigorously persevere to remedy his ailment.

However, gradually this man becomes completely confined to the bed, and although all his nature, his vigor, and mindset protest against the situation, nothing can be done to rectify the situation. The good friend of the main protagonist is lying on the bad, and the only thing he is capable of doing is lying on his bed and regretting that he is dying with “his boots off”.

Surely, this technique is utilized by the author to demonstrate the vicissitudes of fate. In other words, the tough gunfighter who dreamt of glorious death on the battlefield ignominiously and peacefully passes away on his deathbed.

This character is important because it helps the target audience realize the irreversibility and fatality of human destiny. If something is destined for the person, however cool and tough he is, nothing can be done to avert the fate.


Having recapitulated the main points outlined above, it can be said for sure that the entire Tombstone movie is fully about these heroic personages and their traits. The events and the decorations have been undoubtedly designed merely to serve as a background for the exploits and the deeds of that great man to define the model of demeanor for any American man. Those traits are not peculiar not only to a cowboy but for all past and contemporary human beings who contend the right to be men.

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