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Capitalism: A Love story is a film that tries to show the incompatibility between democracy and capitalism. He explains that the movie is a culmination of many of his childhood experiences. The documentary explores political acts in a satirical manner and hence sparks debate. He explains that America is democratic but is bound by the chains of capitalism which continues to exploit many of its middle class citizens.

Capitalism is evil as banks and corporations are running the country. They call the shots, whenever money deals are concerned having less concern for low class people. The officials at treasury allow people to make deals at the expense of ordinary money dealers who are out to make a living in a good manner. Banks with full disregard of the welfare of the people brought the country to a financial meltdown. The irony is that the congress bails them out to gain political millage. Large corporations are openly exploiting the employees through the “Dead peasant Laws” which is the Corporate-owned insurance. This scheme was designed to give employees insurance cover at the expense of their employer. the benefits are either paid to the employer or the next of kin of the employee. This scheme served only to benefit the bosses of the company and not the employees. Its main reason for its existence was so as to protect against financial loss Incase of death of the employees. The practice was without the employee’s agreement. This shows the height of capitalism that the country had been subjected. The middle class citizens being exploited as the leaders watch.

Corporates indeed were ruling America indirectly. An executive telling a president to hurry his speech left me in shock. This shows that corporate governance had taken over the leadership of the country and with it brought disastrous results. The explanation shows that Moore was a political individual who maybe could not stand the type of governance that the leaders were depicting. The banks had brought down the financial downturn to the American economy due to their speculation and lack of regulation. They later asked for bail out after they faced financial difficulties. I believe Henry Paulson put pressure on Congress to give 700 billion dollars to bail out Big Banks. This is because the leading banks and the corporations had proved earlier that they were controlling the country to the extent of directing the president on what to do. If they were in control of the presidency, then they could also manipulate the Congress for their own selfish needs. Moore clearly explains how the wallstreet was behaving in extorting money from people and this convinces me that capitalists were controlling the economy. Moore has provided enough information to back his facts.

Socialism is where the wealth of the citizenry is distributed through out the economy. The good thing with socialism is that people are not exploited as everyone struggles to uplift one another. The disadvantage with socialism is that it demotivates people from working hard. Afterall other people are working hard and this makes people not to put much effort in their work since the government will ultimately take away the money. I envision the pictures shown by Moore in depicting communist dictatorship. Capitalists end up exploiting the poor at the expense of the few rich. In my own view, socialism is more realistic as it benefits more people. The US member of congress who said he hoped for more socialists in future inspired me. The congressman being in the congress knew how the middle class citizens were being exploited and; therefore he had a vision in hoping for more socialist America. The youth make up large population, and they might not be able to marshal up the financial power to enter wallstreet. I, therefore, strongly believe that more youth would like to see a socialist America.

The leaked Citibank’s memo depicting America as being ruled by the the wealthy served to confirm my suspicions about the political views held by Big Bankss owners. The greed of the corporates has reached a record time high as they plunge the country into chaos. They control the economy by exploiting the wealth of the middle class citizens. The ordinary hardworking are being ripped off their hard earned cash at the expense of older corporations. The extent of controlling the president serves to confirm that the nation was controlled by the capitalists who stop at nothing but financial gain. Capitalism has extended the gap between the rich and the poor and plumbed the country to recession in an effort to maximize their own profits.

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