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According to petty and cacioppo, there are two kinds of data processing. That is the Peripheral and central channels of persuasion. Petty and Cacioppo suggested that a message can have an influential impact through any of the two routes.

Central route persuasion

Petty and Cacioppo (1981) hold that attitude modifications are a product of personal careful determination of information that is central to true merits’ of particular attitudinal situation. This advertisement uses “˜central route’ of persuasion because there is a careful and well thought out consideration of the persuasive issues entailed in the message. This advertisement is persuasive based on the arguments and or the content of the message. The message is so convincing to the audience (Petty & Cacioppo, 1981). The message in this advertisement is very rich. That phosphorous pollutes water and the environment likewise (Turf, 2005). Therefore we should use lawn fertilizer as seen on the billboard.

Peripheral route persuasion

Peripheral route to persuasion involves persuasion in a manner not based on the arguments or content in the message. This advertisement uses peripheral route of persuasion because a person is bound to be convinced to buy the vehicle simply because he/she likes the color or because it’s in a familiar setting or background. There is basically no cognitive message in this advert but purely the attractiveness of the picture is enough to convince an individual to like the car in the advert. Peripheral route uses superficial cues for example attractiveness of this car (petty and Cacioppo 1981, and Desperate Seller 2004).


One could choose the central route of persuasion because people are more motivated to think about messages with highly personal relevance. On the other hand, a person may choose the peripheral route because people are not always going to think carefully about your message in the advertisement and you may end just missing the target.

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