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A criminal investor is a person who carries out investigations for criminal cases. Criminal investigators are responsible for critical analysis and evaluation of the criminal cases. This involves evaluation of the offenders as well as the crime scenes. The main duty of a criminal investigator is to determine and develop indubitable evidence for criminal cases through analytical evaluation of various sources of information available with respect to the criminal act in question. Through observations, experiments and others means of collecting data, the criminal investigator collects information and evidences pertaining to the criminal activities and develops detailed reports about the crime. Genge suggests that criminal investigators are also required to testify in law courts and other justice enforcement agencies over their findings with regard to the criminal cases (2010). Criminal investigators usually use a variety of equipments to perform their duties.

Reasons for Choosing Criminal Investigation 

In my view, I would like to be a criminal investigator because of the nature of working environment for criminal investigators. Through research, I have noted that most criminal investigators often work in dynamic and complex environments that offer them with great challenges as their carry out their duties. For example, criminal investigators usually work in various crimes scene such as robberies, sexual assaults, corruption and misconducts of government officers and homicides among others. In my opinion, such a dynamic working environment with numerous challenges often offers one with great opportunities to learn new things. It usually increases the skills and knowledge of an individual. Additionally, challenging working environment often improves one’s critical thinking ability as well as creativity. Thus, criminal investigation will offer me the best environment to learn new things as well as develop my critical, analytical and creative thinking skills.

Secondly, criminal investigation often involves use of scientific techniques in identification, collection and gathering of crime evidences, compilation of reports as well as use of specialized equipments during investigations (Lyman, 2009). Criminal investigations usually entail application of scientific expertise and professionalism. In my view, this offers a person a greater chance to learn and be conversant with new and advanced technologies that emerge daily in this technological world, hence a person always stays at a higher edge with respect to technologies and scientific advancements.

Thirdly, criminal investigations often equip an individual with additional skills and knowledge such as ability to handle firearms and defensive tactics. These auxiliary skills and knowledge may not be available to other criminal justice officers such as magistrates and judges. From my part, such skills and knowledge are beneficial to the individual, for example, a person learns how to increase personal security and manage threats of attack.

Fourthly, criminal investigations involve interviewing crime suspects, informants as well as witnesses so that the investigator may get adequate information with respect to who performed the crime, how the criminal activity was executed and the various reasons or motives for performing the criminal acts (Holden, 2006). In my view, this entails a study of the various behaviors of people. It looks into the social characteristics and attributes of people. Similarly, it provides an opportunity to learn the psychology of criminals. In addition, interviews often help in building an individual’s interpersonal skills such as communication and listening skills. Such skills are essential in our daily lives and may be utilized even outside the workplace.

Lastly, criminal investigation offers one with various job opportunities. Criminal investigators can be employed by the government to work in law enforcement departments. They can also provide legal services to private individuals in addition to being employed by businesses to offer intelligence and investigation services. Hence, it is often easy to find a job. They are also paid good salaries, approximately two hundred thousand U.S. dollars per year (Swanson & Swanson, 2007).

I would conclude that the major characteristic of criminal investigation that makes me adore it is its ability to constantly provide new challenges and opportunities at the work place. Since two crime cases will never be the same, criminal investigation offers unique working environments that enhance continuous learning of new skills and knowledge.

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