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The articles Automotive innovation in China: The view from General Motors and Building an innovation nation concern the rising development of Chinese market. The main authors’ point is that despite the fact, that China still doesn’t have the research facilities, which would be equal to the western ones; it can provide cheap working power and huge manufacturing areas. The Chinese business strategy differs from the western and European ones as it doesn’t orientate on the deep and detailed researches, which can last for years, but on the quantity of manufactured product. In such a way, its quality is reached by experience, and the market is constantly fulfilled with new products.

As I see it, these two articles represent positive sides of having business in China, as it is usually very profitable and rather up-and-coming. For example, when speaking about the law research base, the authors notice that at the same time China market wins on the quantity of selling, so the principle “quality over quantity” is worthwhile in this case. Meanwhile the most known investors, such as General Motors, are highly interested in having part of their manufacturing base in China and produce there the cars of mass consumptions. Other companies are going to invest their money in education of Chinese students that would work for the western and European companies in China.Personally, I believe, that Chinese market is of such great attraction, that the investors are ready to penetrate into it and to improve it. At first I thought that this idea is rather sugar-coated but then I understood that it is really obvious and actual for the major part of modern customers. For example, when I buy some goods, even if they are labeled as a product of a known company (Nike, Samsung or others), I can never be sure that I will not see “Made in China” on its label. Some years ago this could happen because of illegal usage of the companies’ names by Chinese manufacturers, but today this does mean, that the goods I’ve bought are of the labeled company, but its manufacture is located in China. So, I realize that the articles are rather validated, though they are a little bit one-sided, as more disadvantages of Chinese market should be shown. While reading the articles I feel that there are some biases, because though both articles are scientifically based, there still could be seen absolutely positive authors’ attitude to the topic and this makes me think that articles have the commercial base. When something is too good I start to question myself if the words of admiration are sincere.

As for the text of articles itself, I cannot say that it is very easy to read and to perceive, but this is mainly caused by the topic of the articles. When we speak about economics, that is not interesting for everyone, and as the texts are specialized, they are orientated on definite audience. I think that for those, who are interested in economics, the articles could seem very useful and easy to read. I, for example, am a person, who is highly interested of what is going on in the world and this articles have expanded my world outlook. At the same time, these articles have broken up some of the stereotypes I had concerning Chinese fake goods — today, thanks to the investments from abroad and building of European and Western manufactures in this country (that means the control of high quality and guarding the high reputation), the Chinese products become more and more qualitative.

So, after reading these articles I learned some new information about development of Chinese market. Both articles have analyzed this topic rather deeply and in general. I was satisfied with their quality, as it was made as a kind of economical research. Besides, the articles are written this year, so the newest information is presented, which is very important in such kind of researches.

But at the same time, I would like to get some more critical arguments, as it seems, that Chinese market has no serious disadvantages, and those, that are mentioned, are shown as inconspicuous ones.

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