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Ayn Rand is a world known profound writer of novels. Most of her novels have captured the attention of different people from various walks of life. She wrote many books. However, the ones that brought a lot of impact as well as revolution to the literary world were “Good Copy”, “The Night King”, and “The Red Pawn”. The following paragraphs will analyze and compare “The Night King” and the “Red Pawn”.

First and foremost, “Her Career” was a book more of philosophy compared to “The Night King” which has its central theme revolving around the relationships and love issues. In the book “Her Career”, the author storms against the societal tides. She faces great challenges as a writer. Most of the people reject her writing some saying that they targeted a specific group with what she used to write on papers and others saying that they targeted daily news articles (Pleikoff & Rand, 2005). Ayn talks of what a society is. She reveals what a rigid community looks like. She says that every society has its own defined way of living. She is portrayed in this book as an uncompromising champion who shows her individualism and pure capitalism. In this book, Ayn, according to diction, describes an impassioned romantic (Pleikoff & Rand, 2005).

In both of the two books, she was startling, unprecedented and original. In the book “Her Second Career”, the author entails certain issues relevant to the immediate society. She unveils a society consisting of various capacities of all sorts of evil practices such as corruption and prostitution. In the book “The Night King”, “the goal of her writing is not to capture a slice of life but to project her moral vision of man as he ought to be”. This is a sarcastic remark that is also evidenced in the book “Her Career” that reveals several incidences of sarcastic remarks meant to ridicule some of the existing societal members who does not show or make any effort of performing a better outcome to their societies.

Despite the early given differences concerning the dominant themes in the two books, it is important to note that the books share similar themes too. Love is portrayed in “Her Second Career” through the use of two teenage characters by the author. Effects of love between the two individuals as well as the society at large are illustrated in the book. In “The Night King”, the central theme is that of love. Philosophical statements are also prominent in the two books (Pleikoff & Rand, 2005).

Considering the target group, the two books are addressed to the society that is not progressing in its various sectors such as economy and education. They thus target a group of audience with a straightforward goal of making many impacts on their respective societies. They are defined or written in a manner to identify an existing problem within a society (Pleikoff & Rand, 2005). They do this by challenging most of the societal epitomic leaders and controllers of the society’s wealth. The two books are written in humorous styles which are common for Ayn’s novels.

The two books also aim at producing or looking for a long-term liberation among the people. “The Night King” talks majorly on the release of a person from the tie or bondage of a relationship that is not trustworthy and fulfilling. The character fights for her own freedom in order to leave her lover who is reluctant to end the relationship (Pleikoff & Rand, 2005). This is allegorical as it represents the people within the society who are suffering from mistreatment by other government or superior societal members.

It is therefore true that the two novels share a great deal of information, especially that which is concerned about the welfare of the society and its upbringing.

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