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One may ask a question, why people still carry their laptops at boardrooms and meetings. Are they better in comparison to the iPad mini? The iPad mini has been launched a few months ago; the debate of creation versus consumption has reappeared to the front positions of topics on podcasts and blogs. In terms of creation, I find it difficult to work with it since it does not have a keyboard. Expert panels have evaluated the iPad mini to be perfect in terms of consumption, however, less in terms of creation. Although, after doing my research I found out that iPad mini is suitable when it comes to creation. The iPad mini is my portable device; moreover, it suits me because this is where I handle my podcasting commitments and my writings. I am convinced that majority of you agree with me on that. Does iPad mini suit you better that it suits me? Do you prefer a laptop instead of iPad mini?.

For the past year, I had been using my iPad 2, which was cumbersome compared to the iPad mini, which is more convenient to carry around. While using the iPad 2, concerns about loss, theft and damage would always strike me forcing me to leave it at home, although those worries are gone with the introduction of iPad mini. The iPad mini is easier to hold, smaller and lighter than the iPad 2, this means that it is easier to place fingers across the screen, especially while playing games. One is able to hold the iPad mini using one hand and touching the screen using the other hand. The iPad mini has the screen that one can operate using one hand in comparison to the iPad 2 that needs to rest on one’s knees for easier operating.

I wonder how the iPad mini is so efficient regardless to its size. With iPad mini, I have been able to download numerous popular applications for the past few weeks since the day I bought it. I have encountered no problems with the iPad mini while using IPTV, ABC’s view display, Amazon’s well-liked Kindle applications. This kind of applications does not impress viewers with some special eye-catching captions, but they operate perfectly in this iPad. In the games world, I have been in a position to access light graphic games like Kingdom Rush and none of these applications has interfered with the operating system of the iPad mini. Most of these applications have worked better than they performed in the rest of Apple’s line of iPads.

iPad mini’s Processor

The processing power in the iPad mini is very strong to handle any of these applications. Having a close look at the iPad mini’s screen, one can tell that the screen seems very appealing and acceptable to anyone using it. Many applications have been found out to operate perfectly in the iPad mini rather than the larger iPads, in particular those that require interactivity. I can keep on emphasizing that the iPad mini is a lovely thing to hold in the hand.

iPad mini’s Camera

The camera on the iPad mini is a fairly standard affair. For instance, during the Christmas festival, I frequently took photos and videos and to my surprise the pictures, videos and sound quality were great.

iPad mini’s Limitations

Although the iPad mini has many advantages, but still it also has limitations. The iPad mini’s battery life is a major problem that is persevered by its users. The Apple Company claims that the battery life can last at least ten hours while watching videos, listening to music or surfing, however, it is not true. 4G usage shortens the life of a battery and that should not be the case. It is advisable to use the Wi-Fi instead of 4G since it does not take much charge. Though the Apple Company has stated that the iPad mini has a solid battery just similar to the larger iPads, which is the opposite, the cause of that is obvious: it is a lesser tablet, with a small battery; however, not that pretty lesser a screen.

Lastly, iPad mini has a slippery back and reflective screen that brings about eye glare, particularly, near windows or in sunlight hence giving writers occasional headaches. New screen alternatives on all iPads would be appreciated. Apple should substitute the slippery back of the iPad mini with silky leathery back, which is used by Nexus 7. Consequently, this will avoid slippage. The cover flips used are also slippery and this should be substituted with grippy covers.

In conclusion, the iPad mini is a design inspired by the iPhone 5. The iPad mini has been termed to be the best build quality in the market that is coupled with a clear design. It remains the best option if you want a small tablet.

In essay, young people were used as a market target since young people are trendy and alert when it comes to phones and tablets. Young employed people were targeted who find it cumbersome to carry larger tablets, which are not pocket friendly. As a matter of fact, targeting older people is much difficult since they pretend to be naive in understanding on how to operate such tablets. Most of the old people prefer carrying their laptops to their work thus becoming hard to target them. Giving the advantages and limitations of the iPad mini has assisted in engaging the audience, especially for beginners who are interested in buying a new tablet.

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