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Frank Cottrell Boyce’s, “˜God on Trial’ is a masterpiece film that takes place in Auschwitz, during the World War II. Jewish Prisoners subject God on trial in an attempt uncovers the human suffering in retrospect to God. The film derives its literature works from Ellie Wiesel’s, “˜The Trial of God’ As such, this paper seeks to analyze the movie literature works as well as understand God’s nature as a supreme being.

The instance when the prisoners at the camp chooses to enact a court trial , serves as the most memorable moment in the film. Nevertheless, it centers on the main conflict of experienced by the prisoners. God is considered to have broken his covenant to the Jews by allowing the Nazis to commit genocide. Evidently, in the film, Mordechai frames charges against God for breach of contract and failing to honor his covenant. Additionally, Ezra, a witness, bitterly narrates the Nazis attack on God’s watch.

The Onset of the film clouds the viewer with a somber mood. Notably; the movie centers on revealing the plight of the prisoners, as such, the audience sympathize with the prisoners as they endure the Nazi regime. As a result, the prisoners end up blaming the creator for their misery. Arguably, Baumgartner advocates that God’s punishment to the Jews was not proportional to crimes committed by the prisoners. To further the conflict, Mordechai poses a demanding question to Schmidt where he says; “If God is powerful, why does he not help his people?”.

The film reflects on aspects that impinge on the human life. Undoubtedly, the film addresses issues relating to human faith, humans’ perception of God as well as despair and governance that questions the faith of the prisoners.

Evidently, the trial is brought to a dramatic halt, when a Nazi officer interrupts the proceedings. Newcomers are undressed, shaved and tattooed forcibly before the trial resumes. On the other hand, Schmidt advocates how humans are subject to God and that God’s mind cannot be questioned. Arguably, a scientist, Jacques, advocates that God is an illusion and that the Jew was mistaken to believe that they were the chosen people.

The films reminds the audience of the related film literature works; “˜A letter to God’. Per se, it is likened the child that suffered from cancer. In the film, the child’s parents and friends cannot help but question God’s unfavorably creation that affects the child’s welfare. Despite numerous letters to God, the child does not recover from the cancerous illness.

Conclusively, films serve the purpose of entertainment as well as lasting an unforgettable impression to the viewer. “˜God on Trial’ is one such film. As such, each character undoubtedly fits in the roles they play. The film employs several biblical allusions to allure its appealing nature as well as easily comprehend the intended idea —that God is mysterious and humans should thus trust and have faith in the Supreme Being.

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