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We can always look at the behaviors and skills of team leaders and team members in analyzing team performance and success, but it is also instructive to look at the overall team as well (Oxford English Dictionary, 1999). Whether it is a small corporation or a big organization, success of the company normally depends on the workers to eradicate status quo, augment sales and exceed consumer expectation.

High-performance teams are generally a part of large workforce organizations and multi-location enterprises (Charles, 2008). These organizational team members are usually kept together by human resource, top management and leading peers. “Depending on the relevant industry that these teams operate in, they are vested with the responsibilities to develop new products and inventions or chart high-growth marketing strategies and goals for emerging markets or turn around an ailing organizational division” (Ogata, 2002).

There are various characteristic that team members should contain in an organization in order to succeed. Such characteristics include;

Trust- Team members should always have confidence in each other to respect commitments, maintain self-assurance, support every one in the organization and normally behave predictably and constantly. A certain job can be assigned to any team member as since they are confidence and have trust in each other, every one believes that any employee can produce a quality job.

Strategic Acumen-High performance teams are is usually known to be highly strategic in their pursuit of goals even while using tactical maneuvers to tackle specific issues and problem areas (Charles, 2008).

Comfortable with Creating — in order to succeed in the world we are living today, one have to be ready to accept change all the time. The high performance organization is unafraid of change and embraces new innovations and trends so as to remain competitive (Zipapa, 1988). The association does not uphold status quo; but is allowed to make significant change to develop their programs, products, services, and procedures, and also to generate new value for the association stakeholders.

Tear down Walls and blockades- it is important to study how to develop communication and build teamwork among the employees in any organization. Team members will learn how to get rid of barriers that slow down consumer service and cause clientele to leave for the competition. The organization spends time pinpointing and removing barriers, obstacles, and non-valued work obstructing workflow, communication, and productivity (Ogata, 2002). Individuals are always gratis to go any employee in the organization for recommendation, advice and assistance.

Create a Charged Environment that appoints the employees- This plan focuses on developing incentives to recompense and identify the personnel and insure they constantly deliver excellent results. Success usually depends on valuing every workers fulfillment, inspiration, well-being, and improvement.

Humans will always have a basic need in order to feel respected. Recognition programs help employee to meet that need in addition to generating behavior in alignment with managerial objectives and standards.

Involvement — Everyone member in each team should have a role. Despite differences in roles, viewpoints and experience, team members will automatic feel a sense of partnership with each other if there is involvement. Those who contribute are appreciated and expected.

Adaptability and Focused Approach- High performance teams are adaptable to changing scenarios, sudden crisis situations and re-oriented frameworks or work project outlines (Charles, 2008). A team that has High performance will always stay focused on the instant errands at hand even while keeping the enduring objectives in mind.

In conclusion, in every organization there should be a strong team which strictly follows there objects. There are various qualities and characteristics of a high performance team in business/organizational setting. Comfortable with Creating, Adaptability and Focused Approach, Involvement Create a Charged Environment that appoints the employees and Tear down Walls and blockades are some of the characteristic.

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