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Mr. Chaddock never acted with competency or intelligence, although he never said that there is no proper school policy established about that incident. He made a great mistake by assuming that Robert would not harm class members until he is threatened. This shows that Mr. Chaddock was not competent teacher, because of the assumption that Robert can cause any harm and continue teaching. It would have created deadly scenario in case one of the class members imitated Robert, as Mr. Chaddock was busy teaching without realizing anything.

The best thing that Mr. Chaddock would have done was to use his teaching skills and make a kind request to Robert to consider the safety of class members, since the presence of the gun created a threatening environment to a student. He was to behave in a friendly manner and ensure that either Robert brings him the gun or keeps it safely. In case Robert would refuse, he should have ended the lesion and think of the best alternative of acquiring the gun instead of assuming and going on with his lesson plan.

The principal should have known the school policy and conduct a policy in case of such scenario. The principal compared to the teacher should face dismissal of her duties because of the breach of school policies and regulations. Although there were no proper education policies stipulated in the federal constitution, the principal made a great mistake of sending someone to call Robert from class to her office. This was very dangerous, because Robert would have been threatened that he might be disciplined by the principal and because of the deadly actions of the fellow student that ended up running away. In this scenario Robert would have caused harm to fellow students, teacher and the person that was send to report. On the other hand, the students would have been affected psychologically with their own safety. The best disciplinary action to be taken by the authority of the principal is to relief her duties from the office due to the failure to follow management and legislative rules about employees’ work competency and lack of personal knowledge to handle emergency cases.

All stakeholders has a part to play in ensuring that proper policies are put in a place, and proper actions are implemented to ensure smooth run of district schools and other levels of education system in the country. The federal government should ensure that the key bills are passed in parliament to ensure that school policies are strictly operational. Other stakeholders here include the school board and the teaching staff. They have to ensure that established policies are structured and inform students about school rules and regulations. In current scenario, the government is to blame for a poor policy formulation and more so the teachers for failing to inform the students on impacts of carrying deadly weapons to school. It is interesting what the gate man was doing when Robert entered the school gate with the gun. In conclusion, all the stakeholders should be blamed for what happened and proper reforms should be done to ensure that policies are properly structured.

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