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Based on the article, it is indicated that disturbing life occurrences have an effect of potentially undermining people’s wellness. Despite the common perception that undesirable events only contribute negatively, psychologists believe that such events could lead to positive changes. Thus, change could enhance the quality of life. It is observable that traumatic events in life such as loss of a close friend or relative is likely to undermine the welfare of those affected. However, with time, the victims of such events are likely to emerge stronger. Therefore, it remains a contentious debate, since some people are unable to overcome some troubling experiences.

The contentions that emerge out of disagreements imply that psychologists explore mechanisms to explain how people deal with terrifying developments in their lives. One such theory is the Terror Management Theory. Based on the theory, humanity has evolved over time. However, eventually, human life could be annihilated. The thought that at one time life could end is disturbing to people, because nobody has information regarding when life destruction is likely to take place. As such, the issue remains subject of speculation, an aspect that puts adherents of the theory under constant anxiety. However, developing a common stand on the issue could be used to mitigate the adverse effects of the anxiety.

One issue that relates to trauma or high levels of anxiety is the fear of the unknown. For instance, when the world was ushering in the new millennium, people put forward several stories to predict what could follow. A sizeable percentage displayed a grim picture on the world’s future. However, other people believed that the world would change for the better. Despite the mixed nature of expectations, one real issue was anxiety. Such anxiety could lead some people to suspend life virtually as they awaited outcomes of unexpected or expected change.

After reading the article, I pose a question, have people strengthened or weakened after experiencing traumatic events?

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