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The film Requiem for a Dream was produced in 2000 and was directed by Darren Aronofsky. Basically, it brings out several social addictions ranging from drug abuse, body dysmorphic disorder, ways of seeing, mother-son issues, prostitutions, power, and sex, self-destruction, as well as loss of reality. Drugs, for instance, consume soul, body, and mind and once one is addicted to them, it is extremely hard to be again drug free. The film revolves around four lives, who are all addicts and failures in one way or another, and in spite of their dreams, ambitions, and aspirations of greatness, they surrender to their several addictions. As we watch the addicts twist out of power, we stand spectators to the ugliest, dirtiest pieces of the gangland addicts inhabit. The phenomenon is really outrageous and also eye-opening, however, it stresses to be perceived by both non-addicts and addicts alike (Requiem for a Dream).

The film Requiem for a Dream is quite a complex movie to view, although it gives the spectators a glance into a planet they may not forever see. The film portrays a set of inhabitants who ultimately give way to the dreadfulness of despair and drug addiction. Drug infatuation can actually transform people who once were full of dreams and hope into populace who do not mind about everything else apart from getting high. As evident in the film, those involved in drug addiction are capable of undertaking anything so as to acquire their fix (Psychedelic Community).

Drugs can dislodge us from ourselves and even others. Drugs can make someone to mislay sight of dreams and hopes so as to gratify cravings, or even evade withdrawals. In human being’s brains, there is usually a relation between reflective and reactive reward pathways. For instance, the imprudent reward pathways inspire people in the direction of instantaneous satisfaction via the exploit of things such as associations and cues, whereas the philosophical incentive pathways stimulate populace for more conceptual or extensive termed things, for social, cognitive, reaching goals, or planning rewards.

As an individual changeover into drug infatuation, the imprudent and philosophical reward systems together acclimatize, and operate jointly in order to generate outstandingly prominent pathways, which encourage drug use. These pathways heartening drug exploit can be accordingly tough that it supersedes other thoughtful return pathways that deject drug use, building the person to be more fretful about utilizing drugs than they actually are about living goals, collective corroboration, associations with other people, and everything else that may perhaps stop them from consuming the drug. After becoming addicted to the drugs, people turn out to be willing to do whatever thing so as to acquire drug, and this phenomenon is extensively evident in this film where the actors were prepared to do anything so as to acquire more heroin, which included prostitution, loss of an arm, leave-taking a girlfriend at the rear, driving transversely the countryside, risking fatality, and even jail time. While drugs turn out to be the central spot of a person’s life, they turn into self-destruction where the whole lot of things, dreams, goals, and even aspirations they once had and enjoyed die away and lose significance, thus leaving them trapped and desperate with really nothing left except the drug dependence, and also guilt (Evavold).

Many times the drug addicted people end up undertaking dreadful things, for instance, like deceiving their close friends and relatives to even stealing. In the Requiem for a Dream, the drug addict seemingly does steal his own mother’s television to actually pawn it so as to get money for drugs. Drug addicted individuals make use of their philosophical reward coordination to entirely focus on drugs, where and how to acquire their subsequent fix, and shun the grounds of thinking on the subject of their own traumatic state of affairs. The addict’s life can turn into being exceedingly traumatic, and many times addicts do not enclose sufficient surviving means to compact with the trauma. In much stress they repeatedly get yearnings to utilize drugs; if tackled in relation to their drug infatuation numerous addicts undergo cravings to depart and make use of drugs. Following use of drugs to deal with pressure for a phase of moment the relations formed in the mind can develop into dreadfully prominent, thus making it complicated for the addicts to cope with trauma devoid of wanting to make use of drugs each time. While the drug dependence advances, the previous coping methods employed so as to deal with trauma, usually turn into being less efficient, thus making the individual to rely yet more and more on these drugs in periods of nervous tension.

In the film Requiem for a Dream, its seen that as the affected individuals became exceedingly addicted to the drugs, they altered; in fact, they did not mind on the subject of opening up even a garments store or on one another as greatly at the closing stages. They hung on to their previous goals and dreams as they continually faded away. Ultimately, what they only cared on was discovering anybody who had cocaine or heroin for trade or sale (Evavold).

The film is tough to watch for the reason that it is complicated to witness a group of people who are overwhelmed with the desolation and hopelessness emanating from drug addiction. Countless drug addicts from time to time have forfeited the whole lot of things for addiction; it devastates people’s life and splits even families apart. The fundamental neurobiology establishes someone’s prospective for becoming captivated to any exacting substance, whilst a lot of people attempt drugs, simply populace with definite neurobiology become addicted, and others stroll away devoid of any addiction. In the film, the actors went from utilizing drugs and yet perceiving aspirations and dreams, to distracted drug addictive who could do whatever thing to obtain drugs, and seemingly did not think on anything else (Psychedelic Community).

The film dwells on people or rather a group of individuals seemingly a family that is existed in an extremely unrealistic world. Much of this phenomenon emanates from drug addiction which is seen to take the center stage throughout the individual’s life. Moreover, the film director employs several techniques to bring out different angles of reality concerning the characters in the film. For instance, he applies the fish watch shot during an appointment to the doctor which the old mother attends. It is seen that her physician does not in fact glance at her during the attendance till the last part of that scene, although, it is difficult for us to observe this as everything is distorted and blurry. We therefore are to presume that this is the way Sarah perceives the globe, because she is under the influence of stimulants. The movie is not merely produced to demonstrate what the populace on drugs addiction seem to be like other than also to try and present some perception to the onlooker as to how the humanity looks like. A pragmatist would try to illustrate the lady in the physician’s workplace in a plain shot, and also with the medical doctor talking to her as well as her appearing (Whalen).

The film goes further and brings out another side of the drug addiction which revolved around sex, power, and prostitution. Drug addiction as stated earlier has numerous effects and one of them is sex. Characters in the film are seen to indulge in dens orgy sexual advances in front of spectators while under the influence of drugs controlled by a pimp called little John. This actually shows how women can go to extremities so as to attain what they want, in this case, money. The pimp is entirely after power to control these women and exploit them in the name of making money. The aspect of prostitution also crops up which is blamed on the fact that the participants were so in dire need of drugs that they had to get involved in the acts (Dirks).

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