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I am applying to Samsung Electronics’ Summer Internship Program for various reasons. Over the period that I have spent at the Art Institute of Chicago, I have developed a genuine interest in countless visual forms that the human mind is capable of conceiving. Artistic applications surround us everywhere — from the sporadic shapes of treetops to the top-notch, slick architecture of a modern cellular phone. Thus, I have often questioned myself, “What could I contribute to this multitude of artful shapes and meanings?” I have been thinking of a place where I could apply some of the skills I’ve learned in class. To my mind, Samsung offers an ideal project-oriented environment where I could uncover my creativity and polish my skills in design.

Why Samsung? I am choosing this place because it is an attractive business environment for young people like me, who are looking for ways to express themselves. The career planning advice and potential job opportunities that Samsung offers makes it the place for me in my quest for self-discovery and doing what I love. If I get this internship, I will be able to find out what does it mean to work for a large corporate entity, along with all sorts of pressures, responsibilities, and benefits that go with it. I will also be happy to receive an employment offer from Samsung after my graduation.

Finally, mere communication can also help me a great deal in my self-fulfillment and finding the right path in life. Internship at Samsung offers a rare opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and corners of the nation. The sense of global fame that Samsung enjoys and the people the company brings to its ranks will be nothing but an invaluable experience for me. The contacts I will make during the educational and recreational stages of the internship would inspire me to delve deeper into my field of study and move further towards my dream of becoming a professional object designer.

As Martha Grimes, a famous American fiction writer, once said, “We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do”. I am deeply convinced that my time at Samsung will be priceless for my development as a person and a professional, for I will be able to try new things, benefit other participants like me, and hopefully bring something new to Samsung as well.

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