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Marriage and Sex Essay Example

It is evident that the world has taken a new form in social construction of social sexual behaviors. The media and literature are full of sexually loaded contents that continue to shape people’s opinion towards sexuality and sexual behavior. Social and gender-based movements together with the human rights activists have come into public seeking for the legalization of these new sexual identities. Many religious groups in the society have come out strongly to condemn these forms of sexual relations. The big question in the minds of many people is, whether or not such new sexual relations, attitudes and identities are conventional. This paper seeks to discuss sexual morality and homosexuality in relation to marriage.

Sexual Morality Definition

Although universal definitions of sexual morality and marriage are hard to come by, there are general and common definitions that have been advanced to explain these two complex concepts. Sexual morality refers to the ethical principles that guide matters relating to sex and sexual conduct (Woodford, 2-3). It thus encompasses all the values that define sexual conducts which are conventional and those that are not. On the other hand; marriage is a sexual union between two persons who live together as a wife and husband. These definitions vary from one culture to another and raise contentions between the liberals and the radicals.


Homosexuality is a sexual relationship between two people of the same sex. It can be in the form of gayism or lesbianism. Gayism refers to sexual relation between two men. Lesbianism refers to sexual relationship between two women (Woodford, 2). Although there are various arguments and justifications advanced in favor of homosexuality, this act is an immoral act in defiance to sexual morals. It tends to contradict the laws on nature that guide sexual relationships (Woodford, 3). The arguments advanced by feminists, humanists and some scholars in favor of homosexuality are misleading and deviate from the conventional purpose of the institution of marriage.

The initial purpose of marriage was to enhance procreation. Procreation is based on the fundamental rules of nature that a man and a woman come together in a sexual union. Thus heterosexual, and not homosexual, relationships are the original conventional relationship meant to enhance procreation (Woodford, 6). Whereas there are contentions that children can still be borne even in homosexual relationships, the means by which such ends are achieved defies societal norms and mores even further. Rearing of children in a conventional family is an act that must begin with values and morals (Rauch, 413). This implies that children should be products of sexual union of two heterosexual marital partners. However, the procreation process cannot happen in male- male and female-female relations.

Same Sex Marriages Issues

There are propositions that homosexuals can get children prior to their marriage. I agree with this argument only to an extent. If couples can get children in the absence of partner of opposite sex, then the purpose of final union is missing. Why defy the law of nature at the point of marriage and conform to the same laws in the search for children. Homosexuality is thus a sexual deviation and perversion that should not be given space to penetrate and gain root in society (Rauch, 417). Adopting a liberal perspective on this matter will break the social fabric of our society.

It is worth appreciating the advancement that society has made in the area of science and technology. Biologists have come up with the artificial ways of having children. But they have not discovered the artificial semen and a woman’s egg. They use the natural man’s sperms and female’s egg to form children tubes. This can be a good method for mothers with womb complications and men who are suffering from sterility. However, it should not be used as an excuse to engage in unnatural sexual behaviors. This is an abuse of scientific creativity and innovations. Technological innovations should not be used to dilute the moral values of the society.

For a stable society and stable up-bringing of children, the society needs to instill a sense of moral value into its members. The importance and relevance of role complementation that is achieved through heterosexual marriage must not be substituted for homosexuality. The initial arrangement was that a man can gain support from a women in areas of his weakness which result from his biological traits. The woman is bestowed with a unique power to care for a man and raise up children who are psychologically stable (Woodford, 7-9). Therefore, heterosexual marriage would serve better for taming men than homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is thus not only unethical and immoral but also a threat to the normal functioning of the institution of the family. Research conducted by Antigay Commission of US showed that most homosexuals have engaged in at least five rape cases and defilements.

Life is full of ups and downs, daily challenges that can make someone loose hope in life. Most of the cases resulting from sexual betrayals, violence, abuse and mistrusts have resulted from deviation from the original conventional definition of sex, sexuality and the institution of marriage. Homosexuality results from deviations from original sexual identity. This is what pushes men and women to shift their sexual identities and be attracted to the sexuality of their fellow men or women. Rauch (432) cited that sexual perversions and deviations often attract further deviations such as zoophilia, incest, masturbation and others. These are the potential of breaking down the social equilibrium of a people and promoting a society that is not founded on moral values but on evil and deviant sexual identities, values and beliefs (Ghavami and Johnson, 397).

Today, most marriages are in chaos, the cases of divorces in courts are increasing day after another. Many cases of children without mothers and fathers are increasing every day. Gender and human rights activists are launching global campaigns aimed at promoting and legalizing these new sexual identities (Ghavami and Johnson, 397). Since 2000 many countries have legalized the marriage between two same sexes. Even as different societies adopt a liberal stance against sexual behaviors, it is essential that careful attention is given not only to the present emerging realities but also the implications of such trends to the future generations. Society is not sustained by integration of new social institutions that deviate from the original values that held it as a unit. Social and familial stability is to be found not in the adoption liberal perspective to social institutions but a radical perspective that enhances achievement and maintenance of a stable society for the present and future generations.

The Issues Of The Sexual Morality

Sexuality, sexual identities, freedoms and rights must be exercised within the confines of what society defines as functional. It is the accommodation of these new identities that has led to most incidences of sexual craze that crowds the media today. In this respect, I support the stereotypical labels put on the shoulders of sex maniacs since this is the sure way of containing and sanctioning some of the social and sexual perversions and deviations. Gays and lesbians must thus be prevailed upon to go back to the original concept and construct of marriage and family which, in essence, is founded on heterosexual relationships.

In conclusion, sexual identity freedoms and rights must be exercised within the confines of societal values. Homosexuality and other sexual identities should thus be accommodated only to an extent that such accommodation does not contradict the original design and construct of marriage and family.

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