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Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is his second work. This book is particularly based on his first work The Five Temptations of CEO. His first publication brought the author a success. After this experience, Lencioni decided to take advantage of the opportunity and create a new book which can be useful to leadership teams. The work is concerned on a classic management challenge. The read offers an uncomplicated and quite understandable model of the hazards and pitfalls. The writer shows different ways how to rise above them. This novel is extremely exciting and easy to read. Especially, if take into consideration that it is a management work. After reading even the only page, the reader will desire to know turn of the next events. The bulk of the book consists of the tale. Only the last pages tell the reader about five dysfunctions model, advices how to defeat these dysfunctions of the team.

The events take place in company DecisionTech. The name of the group is fictional. The young company, with one hundred fifty people, starts-up in Silicon Valley. The corporation was founded two years ago. It was filled with flash, hopes, and immense potential, but is setting face now against grace with the desire to grasp together psychologically as well as stay afloat economically. Thanks to the hard work of first CEO, the Decision Tech is full of experienced stuff. Jeff and Kathryn are the main opponents in the company. In the course of time, the directorate has changed Jeff on Kathryn. She is perfect in the building teams but, unfortunately, weak in tech industry. The story begins with the appointment of Kathryn to the position of CEO. As the woman is perfect in team building, she makes everything possible to create a new and friendly atmosphere as well as to make various challenges. There are different character types of every workman in the collective. It is obvious to expect various troubles in a dysfunctional organization. As everyone knows, every person has individual problems and troubles. Moreover, everybody has different type of character. Some people are self-confident and stubborn, others are hot and quick-tempered. While one person can be uncommunicative, the other one can appear talkative or even real chatterbox, the other one may be responsible for work while somebody neglects the duties. Some workers quite the work, others apply to the job. Kathryn tries to deal with troubles and build a perfect team into an organized unit. She reviews the circumstances and decides that leading organization team is not a team by any means. She uses several exercises and calls meetings. By indicating different characters and situations the author illustrates the reader five dysfunction models. Kathryn appears as forceful team builder. Furthermore, she starts meeting with the next words:

“We have a more experienced and talented executive team than any of our competitors. We have more cash than they do”¦We have better core technology. And we have a powerful board of directors”¦Can anyone tell me why that is?”

During every meeting Kathryn explores the main features of the good team. Moreover, she is successful in her actions, despite different failures and misfortunes. Kathryn, who was appointed to the position of CEO, improved the team’s efficiency and made it more powerful.

The author explores everyone’s behavior in state-contingent claims. In addition, Lencioni looks for several disconnects which have to be overlooked in the team building. The model of it can be truthfully enlightened during the reading. This book is a good aid for the person who is eager to build a faultless team or develop management skillfulness.

The author noticeably illustrates five dysfunctions of a classic team and ten things which manager necessitates knowing. The first dysfunction which is clearly separated is “Absence of Trust”. The team members have to trust each other and communicate openly and frankly without any secrets. If anybody sees something wrong, this person has to admit the mistake and try to solve the problem together with everybody. Another thing which is distinguished is “Fear of Conflict” dysfunction. Conflict is a vital part in the team work and nobody can avoid it. That is why the collective has to propose possible solutions to get over it. “Lack of Commitment” is the third dysfunction separated in the work. Whenever people in the collective want to solve the problems, they need to express their thoughts and ideas. Everybody has to listen to them and then reach a decision together. In the other way, people will not have any desire to work and assume responsibilities. They will not care about problems and results after their solutions. Team work will ensure positive results. In that case everyone tries to work harder to achieve better results. “Avoidance of Accountability” is the fourth dysfunction. Most people do not support each other. The team members have to embrace each other blamed to high standards. People in the collective have to highlight the main purposes in work. If somebody makes false decisions or does wrong things, the members of the team have to direct this person into the right channel. It is enormously necessary for the team work to improve the work of coworker. In any case, in any rate, workers have to do this. Otherwise, the situation will never improve and everything will remain the same. The team leader needs to help subordinates solve problems. The last dysfunction is “Inattention to Results”. Result is the whole team’s achievement. The main problem concerning this dysfunction is ego of the workers who want to possess all the achievements. It can ruin the team’s cooperation.

Team building is a hard work and requires a lot of efforts. After reading the book people are able to make better decisions and develop their potential.

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