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Social power is a universal concept of social relation. Tentatively, it plays a crucial role in modelling relationships among group members. As such, this paper seeks to illustrate the concept of social relevance in retrospect to “The Joneses.”

The Joneses a supposedly a picture —perfect family, relocates into a pristine residence in a luxurious Antlanta neighbourhood-filled with “McMasions. The Joneses are not a family, but a marketing unit that serve as professional “early adopters”:individual who influence a peer group by being the first to know about, view and dress the merchandise. A marketing agency uses the “cell” who introduce as well as stimulate sales of the newly released merchandise. “The family” shows off Audi sports cars, Yves Saint Laurent fashions, flat screen TV as well as Etyhan Allen furnishings.

As such, the Joneses employed stealth marketing in order to bring out and promote alternative products as influential and preferred (targeting particular reference groups, consequently influencing the sales). Certainly, the undercover marketing strategy effectively attracted the neighbour. As such, social interaction played a prominent role in advertising to an unaware customer. As such,during purchase, Steve, Kate, Mick and Jenn Jones team up into a family; the basic unit of a community effectively utilize their strategy.

Certainly, the family member are able to identify with their neighbours and thus affect various members of the neighbour families. The Joneses’ have merchandise products perceived to represent the proferred social staus and prestige.

As a result, the Joneses’ established an essential reference group. The community admires the joneses’ products as such, profered display of wealth. The wealthy neighbours admire the products and end up elevating their lifestyle in retrospect to lifestyle and identity. As a result of increased sales, the mall purchase more merchandise from the company. Most consumers refereed to as early and late majority circles in product adoption. Despite the marketing strategy influencing majority of the neighbours, they maintain a platform of value and meaning.

The social power, perceived of the Joneses, disintegrate the instance Larry, Steve’s friend and neighbour commits suicide as a result of depths. Consequently, Steve exercises opinion leadership in retrospect to their neighbours, after realization of low sales of his desired product. As a result, he recommends certain products to these customers who can identify themself with various products. Mich’s high school teenagers use wine coolers. Naomi and other teenagers take “˜Wine coolers’ as the preferred wine brand in retrospect to advertising the product. On the other hand, augmented sales presented promotion platform in retrospect to “˜The Icon’ of the team. The icon referred to the member that had better, augmenting sales.

In view of joneses, the enlightened individuals use their social power to influence people among other variables. Tentatively, create an admirable reference groups that effectively set the fashion trend. As such, customer comprehension as well as attracting the customer to the product assist in better promotion. On the other hand, a higher social status strongly attract the wealthier market.

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