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Everything that we do or say does not disappear without a trace. It influences people around us, and it can change their lives. It is said that words make us look at our life from another angle. Thanks to those words I feel happy today. However, I will start from the very beginning.

That day started like all the previous days. I was late to school. I was running from the bus stop when I struck her. Oh, she was the prettiest girl in the school! We studied in parallel grades. She had never noticed me till that day. Her name was Jin Ae that means “truth, treasure and love”. Jin was a real treasure… After we fell she did not scream at me. Jin started laughing, and her laugh was so contagious that I burst out laughing too. After that meeting, I rushed to the lesson in an excellent mood.

When I came to the class, I saw the unknown guy sitting at my desk. His name was Min Kyung. He was new in our school and town, as well. I did not have a lot of friends at that time. Frankly speaking, I had only acquaintances. That is why, I decided to help Min and show our middle school. I liked him and proposed to be friends. At first he refused. Later, I found out that his family was rich, and Min was afraid that everybody wanted to be friends with him only because of the money. He also tried to persuade me that friendship did not exist at all. Nevertheless, we were sitting at the same desk not only in the middle school, but in the high school, as well.

We had the same interests in music and films. We had always common topics to talk. However, he could not accept the fact that we were friends. Min continued to say that friendship did not exist. As for me, I had never had such a good friend before. We never quarreled with him.

Once, he refused to meet with me on the weekends, because he had planned a date with the girl. I was very surprised to know that he was dating with someone. He answered that it was going to be their first date. On Saturday evening, I decided to go to the movies.  In the movie theater, I noticed Min. He was hugging Jin Ae. I froze in my place. At first I was very angry with Min, but later I realized that it was Jin who chose my friend instead of me. Moreover, I had never told Min about my love to Jin. No one was to blame. I decided to step aside.  

We continued to be friends or, how Min thought – to be acquaintances. After high school, I decided to go abroad for studying in Johnson & WalesUniversity. Min agreed that it was a good idea, but I noticed sadness in his eyes. I said that we could prove our friendship with the help of distance.

That year Min decided to marry Jin. I was very happy that he asked me to be the best man at the wedding. While celebrating his bachelor party I accidently mentioned that I used to love Jin. Min answered that he had never even thought that I had had feelings to her. However, he thanked me for not trying to take Jin from him. I said that if he did not believe in friendship that did not mean that it was a myth.

After entering the university, I moved to the United States. We did not see each other for months, but when we met it seemed that everything was like it used to be. I was convinced that distance could not become a problem for true friends.

Min visited me few weeks ago. He arrived to say that Jin was pregnant. I was very happy to hear such good news. However, it was not the only reason for him to come. He used to tell me that he was studying Latin in the university. Min brought me a postcard with one Latin proverb written by his hand, “Amicus verus cognoscitur amore, more, ore, re(True friend becomes known in the love, the disposition, the speeches, the deeds)”. He said that he had been thinking about that proverb for a long time and came to the conclusion that all friendship exist. Moreover, he called me his best friend. Min explained that, despite the distance, he felt the invisible thread that connected us. Together we went through different difficulties and always tried to help each other.

Frankly speaking, I knew that one day he would agree that friendship exist. True friendship is unselfish. I was never interested in Min’s money. I have always treated him like my friend. I think that deep inside he had realized that I had always been his best friend.

Once said words that Min did not believe in friendship changed my life for good. At first, I wanted to prove that he was wrong. Later, I was irritated that he did not notice how close we became. Luckily, ancient Romans helped Min understand everything and believe in friendship.

To sum it up, true friend is the biggest treasure that is not easy to find. However, if you find him/her, you will be the lucky one.

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