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Victor/Victoria is a musical comedy film that exemplifies aspects of transvestism, homosexuality, and sexual identity. Various characters have been involved in the story like James Garner, Julie Andrews, and Alex Karras. These characters have involved different non-verbal messages in order to make communication channels complete.

The exemplification of the story on Victor/Victoria has involved a number of non-verbal messages. Here are some of the examples that have been used to enhance creativity and delivery of the objections in the story movie. These facets have differences in gender exemplifications (Mancini and 56).


Victor/Victoria characters use a number of postures that send several messages to the audiences. For instance, the emergence of a young hustler from a gay bed signifies gay practices among the characters. As Richards dresses and takes the money from Toddy’s wallet, audiences are able to learn of sexuality aspects among them.


There are different signs used by the audiences in Victor/Victoria. For instance, aspects of homosexuality are presented relevantly with the use of signs. One example is involving Richard who moves from one place to another at night in order to solicit funds from male counterparts.

Body Language

Body language involves the use of various body parts in order to convey a message. For instance, Victor/Victoria film has used a number of body languages among its characters. In one of the explorations, Toddy is thought to be masquerading as Victor. He changes body movements and behaviors to suit that of Victor.


In Victor/Victoria film, there are various symbols of homosexuality. For instance, characters have normalized behaviors that demonstrate and enable other characters to understand their behaviors and intentions.


Appearances are rampant in Victor/Victoria film. The dressing, movements, and behaviors are ordinary appearances of the different characters.


Many characters in Victor/Victoria film involve communication through touch. For instance, characters engage in fights, hugs, and shake of hands in order to end possible disputes and strike understanding upon differences of ideas.

Eye Gaze

Characters use the movement of eyeballs in order to engage in non-verbal communication.


Characters in Victor/Victoria film demand for their space in order to have channeled and separated lives and communication as the movie opens up.


A number of characters have involved vocal communication that does not use normal language.

Facial Expressions

Facial expression is a common non-verbal language in Victor/Victoria movie. Characters keep smiling, crying, and frowning in order to express their feelings. Most women use facial expressions in the movie.

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