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There are a number of ways that parents can use in limiting their children’s exposure to violence on television. First, they can examine and regulate their own viewing behaviour, since toddlers are influenced by viewing habits of their parents (Rowell 1150). They can try and reduce the time their children spend watching television programs to an hour or two a day. The parents should also consider previewing the programs that their kids want to watch and see whether they are appropriate or not. 

The parents should also try substituting their children’s favorite videos for network programming. This is because most of them will repeat watching the videos and become addicts. It is also good for parents to discuss any violent content with their older children. They can educate them on suffering that is caused by violence. They can also get their children’s views on the content of violent movies they watch. The parents may also encourage the children to watch programs that enhance learning, teach morally upright and caring behavior. The children can also be encouraged to do other activities apart from watching TV. For example, they can be encouraged to read, participate in extracurricular activities. However, the parents should note that today’s modern culture the children will be exposed to these programs, even if not at home. A close relationship between parents and children is the main idea that should be emphasized.

In conclusion, it is clearly obvious from various researches carried out, that violence is quite prevalent on most of our television networks. The violence shown in these programs can either make children and young adults become more violent, less violent or have no effect at all. However, researchers have proved that the violence scenes or programs eventually end up increasing violent behavior.

Parents should note that, it is recommended that the first years of a human being’s life should be a critical time for brain development. So, infants should not be allowed to watch any TV. This is because it will get in their way of exploring, playing, or interacting with other children or parents. These will in the long run hinder their learning, healthy physical and social development. As for older kids, too much time spent on the television will eventually interfere with their physical activities, their reading, their doing of homework, playing with friends, or family time. However, the television should not be demonized. It can be a good thing if in moderation. For example, preschoolers can learn the alphabet on the TV, grade-schoolers can also learn about wildlife on nature shows. These are but a few of the advantages associated with the TV. However, it is too much television that can be detrimental.

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