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Writing is a competency that is very crucial in the nursing profession. While the skill is not directly connected to the delivery of services to patients, writing is very essential in the proper administration of nursing services; majorly through the presentation of information and records. At first, proper presentation of information in the desired written format might be difficult. However, with practice, the skill is acquired and applied in the effective delivery of nursing services. In course 3212, writing skills are very important in genogram assessment. In the assessment, the nurse has to use their writing skills in the presentation of information. The nurse has to effectively note information in regard to individual family members’ age, ethnicity, gender, and risk factors. While conducting the assessment, the competency has to be applied in the effective interpretation of the cases presented. In the genogram assessment, writing is important in the presentation of the risk analysis in terms of; pathophysiology factors, providing the current findings about specific cases, and the presentation of individual risk factors. The information has to be communicated effectively without grammatical errors.

On the other hand, in nurse 3404, Writing is very essential in nursing while dealing with pressure ulcers cases. In dealing with the cases, extensive data analysis has to be conducted. In order to present an effective data analysis on the cases, information about the findings has to be written down, utilizing percentages and estimations e.g. in 2009, large-scale pressure ulcer surveillance study in NSW home-based patients that was conducted in Hunter New England Local Health District providing care for approximately 840,000 people, 54 percent out of which is over 65 years of age, revealed that pressure prevalence was at rate of 8.9 percent. Writing is also important in the presentation of the specific risk factors and the factors increasing individual risk to the disease. Effective Writing is important in the formulation of clinical guidelines for specific treatment recommendation as well as the mild to chronic consequences associated with pressure ulcer. For accurate understanding, the presentation of significant predictors of pressure ulcers is very necessary. In connection with this, in the literature review, information about other authors has to accurately acknowledged and written down e.g. according to the author, of the 6 Braden subscales, only mobility and friction/shear were significant predictors of pressure ulcers.

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