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Divorce is one of the most unpleasant realities of the modern life. Divorce, according to the level of a stress, is on the second place after the death of the spouse or the close relative. Indeed, whatever causes a divorce had, pain is inevitable.

The causes of the divorce can be different.

If the relations are based only on sex, and beside sex, people are not bounded with anything — common interests, a common vital philosophy, common work and so on, such a marriage will collapse sooner or later.

Infidelity is one of the main causes of divorce. It is almost impossible to endure unfaithfulness of a loving person.

It is a usual situation when two people suddenly find out that they cannot agree even about the simplest things and they are not ready to concede, to make a compromise, respect the opinion of the partner, etc.

The first child is a difficult trial for a young family. Only internal gravity, ability to endow their egoistical desires and, of course, a true love can keep and strengthen the family.

People get divorced because of repairs, dismissal from work, not cooked dinner and the socks scattered on the house. However, the deep causes are covered in inability to love, in inability and unwillingness to understand and accept another person, in unwillingness to change a bit for the sake of darling, to take a responsibility.

The effects of divorce are not less sad than its true causes.

After unsuccessful marriage it is much more difficult to start new relations.

Children suffer, probably, most of all from the gap in the family as the father and mother is one indissoluble whole for them. Besides, as a rule, children have not absolutely correct ideas of the family relations which can affect harmfully their private life.

The property section is one of the most painful subjects as there is a possibility to “punish” the former spouse, having seized or simply “having pulled out teeth” some material values.

Certainly, divorce for both adults and children is painful, unpleasant and often dramatic experience on which they go of their own free will and on their own accord. Life, of course, sometimes gives surprises, but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Any vital lesson goes on advantage both to children and adults. Everybody should remember it and never give up.

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