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In regards to modern architecture, Peter Zumthor did not believe in the adherence of this realm. He designed sixty rooms to expand the Red Restaurant without distorting its primary structure. In all these interventions, his work was not considered as a manifesto of modern architecture. On the contrary, it was owed to the style of house in a more astonishing way. Eisenman’s Wexner Center building was designed by Peter Eisenman of New York alongside Richard Trott (The New York Times, 2012). The work includes a huge metal grid which is meant to suggest scaffolding which makes the building look incomplete as per the architect’s deconstructivist taste. The end result of the building brought forward something which is sometimes questionable of functionality, but it has to be admitted that this was due to the architectural interest. Eisenman’s architectural work is normally criticised for self-promotion. His works are normally said to be too big, too expensive and extremely short in terms of content. As such it he does not conform to the requirements of modern architecture.

The Jewish Museum in Berllin, Germony is one of the major works of Daniel Libeskind. It consists of two buildings: one is the old Kollegienhaus which is a former court house of the 18th century and the other is an addition by Libeskind. Among all the other architects who had showed interest in designing the museum, only Libeskind design was chosen and reckoned as the only project that executed a fundamental, credible design that would clearly represent the lifestyle of the Jews prior to, during and past the holocaust. The building starts by taking the shape of the Jewish Star of David which stretches out around the site. The entire building takes the structure of a zigzag figure. Due to the sophistiucated nature of the building, it is reckoned as Libeskind capacity to interpret human afflictions into architecture.

Preston Scott Cohen is a renowned designer based in Boston and a professor in architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Though he is not a registered architect, he is renowned for his buildings designs. He is also a principal at Preston Scott Cohen, Inc located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One of his most successful works includes Tel aviv Museum in Israel which poses an amazing dispute: resolving the pressure between the rigid, peculiar triangular site and the need for having a chain of big, impartial galleries.

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