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Windows server 2003 has a built in router which makes it very powerful. Other manufacturers provide dedicated routers which are much less expensive. The windows server has a RRAS service which supports different functions. One of these functions is the support of dial-up services via use of the different connectivity options such as ISDN (Emeka, 2004). One can also use the radius server to authenticate clients. The RRAS server can additionally function as a VPN server which will enable on e establish a secure network for the clients. These VPN connections are transmitted through a 24/ 7 internet connection. Windows server 2003 can act as a remote access server while providing dial up services to each segment. In addition windows server 2003 is able to provide DHCP services to DHCP clients through the use of the windows server DHCP relaying client.

Microsoft server 2003 is also easier to use when compared to other dedicated routers which have also come from far in improving their interfaces (Emeka, 2004). The windows server 2003 has a GUI management tools which make it relatively easy to configure the server (Emeka, 2004).

Windows server can be used as a demand dial router. Tic can help the organisation reduce internet connectivity cost. Demand dial routing ensures that the router dials and connects to the remote router dials only when there is traffic demand. There are organisations which do not utilize full time internet connection. These organisations can establish a metered connection and use on demand routing to slash their internet costs (Emeka, 2004). When traffic needs to be routed the router establishes a connection instantly and disconnects automatically after a determined inactivity period. Therefore the organisation should make use of on demand routing to ensure that internet costs are reduced.

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