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What are the reasons for your decision to obtain graduate social work education at this time?

One of the main reasons for enrolling in the social work graduate school is because I am concerned with the significant population of people both young and adults who are continually been involved in undesirable social practices. It is therefore important for me to consider this an opportunity of helping these people to change their ways of life as well as improving their living standards by offering them with the required advice.

Also after noting that a significant number of people are engaging in substance abuse I believe that joining the social graduate school will upscale me with the socially relevant concepts which will enable me to alleviate their stigma. Equipped with a degree of social work it will enable me to acquire employment from a reputable organization.

My long standing interest in the field of social work combined with broad based foundation acquired from short course and intern programs I choose to enroll in this program. In this context I have realized the importance of this particular course because of its multidisciplinary approach to social work studies.

What are your expectations of graduate social work education?

I have a lot of expectations in the graduate Social work education. This is because it acts as a gate keeper in this broad profession (Walker 2002). The studies will help me to create relevance in the daily tasks and reality when dealing with the clients. Besides enhancing my knowledge in social work, the program will help to me articulate the relationship between the theory and practice in this field. The studies will prepare me for other roles as a social worker for example planning and management of social welfare policies in organizations and other related services within the community (Walker, 2002).

What area(s) of difficulty do you anticipate?

The areas of difficulty which I anticipate from the graduate program I think will revolve around the research area and policy formulation and implementation. These two areas present a major challenge when it comes to formulation of the research question in line with policy and also when drawing conclusions from the analysis (Walker, 2002).

Another difficulty will be relating theoretical work with practical work obtained from the research. This is because one has to take positions and views of a considerable population when formulating the policies hence the consequences will involve practical work which will need evidence. Lastly, creating a level ground between the curriculum and the training because of the scope of the curriculum and the evolving methodologies in the approach of the study will also present another difficulty (Walker, 2002).

Discuss those personal qualities and abilities that support your desire to become a social worker and that you think will be useful to you in studying for the profession

I am particularly interested in determining the relationship between theory and practice in social work phenomenon. In addition, during my internship I did several research projects besides providing an outstanding support in areas such as research findings, data collection, data analysis, and reporting in social work. In addition I have counseled, trained and supported people with various problems such as substance abuse to meet challenges that they never thought were possible before. These personal abilities have encouraged me to become a social worker.

Another outstanding quality that encouraged me to become a social worker is my good command of both spoken and written English. I am also an outgoing person who is always ready to attend several social worker and community development activities. I am also a brilliant, passionate, and assertive individual who is able to get a lot out of his research and class work and at the same time ready to give back through active participation and involvement in social worker activities.

What areas of social work interest you particularly?

The areas in social work that interest me in public policies and practices, creating awareness in different aspects in the community for example substance abuse and counseling. Other areas of interest include equitable access to health care facilities, poverty, homelessness, violence against women and children, mental illness, women and welfare, environment and chemical dependency and reproductive rights (Mizrahi & Morrison, 2000).

In what areas of social work do you think you would like to work after you complete graduate school?

After completing the graduate school I will be interested in research and analysis different aspects affecting the social lives of people. For example proposing and developing policy which will govern violence against women and children. Besides that I will be interested in formulating and coming up with ways of approaching people affected by substance abuse in order to reduce this social effect. I will often be interested in working with organizations which help to sensitize people the importance of equity in decision making in family and organizational settings as well as gender issues in the public arena (Mizrahi & Morrison, 2000).

It is therefore with sincere conviction that I wholeheartedly present my application to be considered in then admission in the graduate school of social work. This is because from my previous knowledge in this field I have an exceptional research motivation and capability, outstanding communication skills and more importantly, I am a hardworking and humble person. I would greatly appreciate it if you will favorably consider my application to the graduate school of social worker education.

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