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The United Arab Emirates has already been strongly affirmed on the international sports scene. A large number of competitions of the world level on different types of sports take place in the country. Jumping, auto racing, golf, tennis, football, rugby, cricket, sailing, boat racing, and many other sports are widespread here. These events not only collect a large number of athletes and sports fans from all over the world but also allow seeing the abilities and achivements of the best athletes and sportswomen of the country.

Beside carrying out competitions of the international level, the United Arab Emirates has a healthy and original sports environment. The inhabitants actively visit various clubs and sports organizations. Seven emirates regularly compete among themselves in national leagues and cups in different types of sports, which are supervised by special state authorities. The first class sports grounds and a soft climate allow holding competitions the whole year.

To my mind, sports play an increasing role in the tourism development of the United Arab Emirates. The majority of hotels have excellent sports equipment, many are being modernized, and new large sports objects are being constructed. “Well-groomed golf clubs and complexes for an equestrian sport of the world level have a great popularity”.

“From the western coast, the United Arab Emirates are washed by the Persian Gulf, and they are washed by the Indian Ocean from the east, therefore the country is especially attractive to fans of water sports” (Papa, 2010). The Emirates, located on the bank of the Gulf, have long sandy beaches where it is possible to be engaged in sailing, water skiing, surfing, swimming, and kiteboarding. Diving is also very popular, and the east coast of the United Arab Emirates is famous for a variety of exotic fish and corals. My favourite places for scuba diving are Snoopy Island and the area to the North from Dibby.

Numerous parks and athletic fields, where it is possible to spend time playing football, basketball, or cricket, are very popular among the locals and visitors. Deserts and mountains in the suburbs of the cities are perfectly suitable for an extreme rest. I think it is difficult to name a kind of sport which is not available in the United Arab Emirates, thus new sports centers, clubs, and associations constantly appear in the country.

Literally, it is possible to be engaged in any sport, from swimming to figure skating. In many respects, it is due to a great support of the authorities of the United Arab Emirates: besides the general culture of sports among the local population, they want to turn the country into an international center of sporting events. The corporations of the United Arab Emirates also make a very serious contribution to world sports, generally in the form of the sponsorship.

In a word, the list of sporting events of the United Arab Emirates is very rich. Undoubtedly, the UAE government tries to provide any guest with a maximum of possibilities. It can be proved by the “financial participation of Emirates airline in the football championship 2006”.

Cultural Life in the UAE

I think, cultural life in the country is of secondary importance, and a number of cultural actions are very limited. Because of the small population, there are almost no large orchestras and dancing collectives; however, there is a possibility to visit performances. Many cultural actions take place in the Art Center of Jumeirah Road. “The morning is reserved for small children, the second half of a day — for older children and winter nights are used for education of adults” (Drennen, 2012). There is a wide range of cultural and craft actions. The Dubai International Art Center offers a big number of activities and shows.

The culture of the UAE is based, first of all, on Islam; even the most cultural religious actions do not give a possibility for tourists to participate in. The most important event of the year is the month of fasting called Ramadan. At once after that, in December, three days of celebrations of Eid Al-Fitr take place. “On the main four days of March there is a pilgrimage to Mecca”. From June to September, summer surprises of Dubai include various cultural events which involve a large number of tourists, including tattoos with henna and manufacturing of traditional national crafts.

Classical music performances occur very seldom. The main centers for orchestras and musicians from all over the world are Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the world’s biggest shopping center, Burj Dubai, and Sheikh Zayed.

The main goal of the Ministry of Culture and Information consists in advancing and supporting cultural actions in the country and abroad. Under the control of the Ministry there are about 10 public libraries in all seven emirates of the state. 32 cultural groups that are able to dance, make drama representations and musical shows during ceremonies, festivals, and exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, can also be added there. The Cultural Department of the Ministry also plays a significant role in publishing books connected with heritage, art, and theater, organizing seminars, lectures, and cultural actions, among which there are book fairs of the international level.

An essential contribution of the cultural organizations is also “a participation in the encouragement of annual cultural actions and awards like Sultan Al Owais Award, Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Award and Sheikha Fatima bint Hazza Award”. Other establishments, which “continue to contribute to the cultural development of the United Arab Emirates, include the Organization of the Renaissance of National heritage and Marriage Fund”.

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