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The advert in this case is that of the Toyota Camry 2012. It is about the reinvention of the car, and it represents the latest advert from Toyota Camry. This essay represents a rhetorical analysis of the effectiveness of this marketing strategy by Toyota Camry. In particular, it is an analysis of “The One and Only / Lee Min Ho Toyota Camry: 60 Trailer” and “Toyota Camry 2012 Big Game: 60 Commercial – It’s Reinvented” adverts produced by Toyota Camry (Toyota Camry). These adverts are for different audiences. All of the adverts intend to sell a single product that is a Toyota Camry car. Adverts also aim at reaching out two different audiences in the market. These adverts cut across all generations, both young and old.

The advert by Toyota Camry 2012 is a classic example of how Toyota intends to appeal to the audience. The message the advert tries to convey is that Toyota Camry is like no other. The first advert “The One and Only / Lee Min Ho Toyota Camry: 60 Trailer” uses two individuals who have strikingly similar faces. The message that the advert tries to covey using these individuals is that the Camry has undergone reinvention, and it is like no other. The audience for the first advert is the young population. This may belong to the Generation X group. The advert begins in a hospital where there is an individual recovering from comma. This is after receiving a beating. The advert then opens to the point when he wakes up in a hospital and asks the doctor where he is. The advert shows a person who escaped from the prison in order to get married to Sohee. Sohee happens to be Joon’s girlfriend. As Sohee and Joon date, they use the car. At one point, Joon keeps his name in the Camry’s voice recognition database. As the advert opens, it identifies key components of the car. With the use of the hybrid gas, standard airbags, a blind spot monitor and a star safety system, the car meets all needs of a person. The advert ends with the point where Joon realizes that Kwan takes Sohee to the wedding. He drives there, and this is where the advert continues to show key features about the car. The Toyota Camry through its voice recognition device identifies the real Joon. The audience remains with the option of demining who has to marry Sohee. This is because initially the car had the Joon’s name in its database.

The second advert is that of “Toyota Camry 2012 Big Game: 60 Commercial – It’s Reinvented”. The message it tries to convey is the usefulness of the Toyota Camry to the older generation and how it cuts across all generation. From the time machine, the car can enable one to recall certain events. It explains how Toyota Camry has undergone reinvention to meet all needs of individual across the generation. The audience in this case is the mature and middle-aged population. The reinvention of the car makes nice as shown by the nice woman serving an ice cream to a Japanese male. The car is just as suitable as the blender that plays Lionel Richie’s song. The car is as decent as the plant that curbs theft in the house. This marks the significance that made the car undergo a reinvention. The car has everything that anyone can possibly want. This is the parting shot in adverts message.

Further, these adverts use rhetorical ethos. The advert uses moral persuasion in order to attract the audience’s attention. The story of the young man beaten by another man who intends to take the woman he loves presents an appeal for masses. The advert seeks to get mercies of the audience as they move forward in the advert. For instance, the voice recognition device put in the vehicle is set to distinguish what is real and what is not. Audiences in both adverts remain with the authority to determine the final say on the car. This marks another similarity in adverts. In addition, adverts also try to show the key things in the hybrid model of this car. They show the revolution in systems of the car and the overall reinvention.

While adverts focus on reaching out to different population segments and diverse audiences, messages in adverts are the same. All adverts intend to enhance the market knowledge of the reinvented Toyota Camry 2012. The main contrasting feature in the advert is how they portray the message to the audience. The first advert shows exclusive features in the car, while the second advert shows how the same car has undergone reinvention. This emanates from described features or reinvention that everyone desires.

In conclusion, these adverts are effective. This is because advertising strategies in two adverts differ due to specific audiences targeted. Adverts present an authentic advertising strategy, since adverts intend to show unique features in the car. The slogan, like no others, provides a justification. By pathos, adverts use compelling pictures and scenes that show the reinvention of the Toyota Camry. These adverts are effective in the sense that changes enhanced in the Toyota Camry 2102 are what potential consumers need. Thus, it is possible that audiences will become more conscious about features in the car, but they also encourage people to buy this car.

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