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Tablet market is growing very fast nowadays. Every day we witness new additional features that offer a multiple set of opportunities for tablet users. Tablet computers are very popular among various types of consumers. From young people to successful middle-aged businessmen, tablet users are growing in number rapidly all over the world, and this tendency is forecasted to remain stable over a certain period of time.

For this reason, the tablet computer producers such as Apple, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Asus and other companies try to do everything to follow the newest trends and features of the tablet market worldwide. It is a well-known fact that newer versions replace the older ones, and the features added and the updates of the older features made more user-friendly and better in operations.

In order to demonstrate the way, in which this process is happening, this paper seeks to compare and contrast Sony Xperia Tablets — Xperia Tablet S and Xperia Tablet Z. First of all, it is fair to admit that Sony Tablets are already quite successful in terms of sales revenue. Sony reports that the sales of Xperia tablets last year equal to the sales of other tablet products in North America. Moreover, despite the popularity of the tablets that are based on the Windows 8 platform, Android-based tablets offered by Sony Xperia are still popular.

Primarily this is the reason of the strong brand that Sony as a company holds worldwide. Sony sales in Europe, Asia and North America are quite stable, and there are no tendencies for decreasing.

Xperia tablets have only been launched last year, and Xperia S tablet has already become popular due to its wonderful design and functionality. However, Xperia Z, which is a new version of Xperia S tablet, takes into account the design features and offers improved functionality. First of all, the difference between two products lies in the weight — unlike Xperia S with its 570g weight, Xperia Z only weighs 495 grams. This is already an advantage for most of the tablet users as the tablets are popular accessories for mobile lifestyle and traveling.

Secondly, the difference is in the design: Xperia Z does not have a “˜head’ and is quite flat overall. Xperia S, unlike Xperia Z, has a “˜head’ which is comfortable for holding, but it does not help to represent the smoothness of the device. The back of Xperia S in all colors is metallic grey while Xperia Z is presented already in black color.

Both products have Android platform, however, considering the fact that Xperia Z is a newer version of Sony tablet computers, the performance and overall operations is improved and enhances productivity. The battery life is bigger, the image resolution is higher, the quality of images and video clips is better, and the data transmission speed is higher. In general, Xperia Z is a nice replacement for the Xperia S.

However, some users of Xperia S might still prefer it to the newer Xperia Z for a number of reasons. Xperia Z is a 10-inch display tablet while Xperia S has only 9.4 inch display. This means that the width of the newer version is bigger. Despite the fact that Xperia Z offers more interesting features to users, Xperia S was better in terms of connectivity of the device in general.

Moreover, the users of Sony Xperia S report the enhanced brightness of the screen, which is better than with Xperia Z. Despite the fact that the newer version presents better image quality, Xperia S showed brighter pictures, and even the home screen applications were brighter than in Xperia Z.

Finally, the tablets are very different. Some users might still like the design of Sony Xperia S tablet and the solid feeling it gives to users. The others might enjoy better performance and the thinness of Sony Xperia Z. In general, the newer version is in most cases better than the old one, and as technology develops, there will always be a better and more updated Sony Xperia tablet on the market.

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