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My greatest ambition is to become a nurse since I feel myself accomplished every time I put a happy smile on other person’s face. I have also witnessed some of my friends who, thanks to the timely and competent support of nursing professionals, got a fresh perspective on their health issues or even gained a new meaning in life. I became curious then, why would anyone want to be a nurse and what should one do to become a good nurse? I went on to explore this opportunity by doing some coursework in nursing and applying my academic knowledge in real-life nursing practice. Those initial professional experiences with nursing and the incredible sense of satisfaction that this job gives me are now propelling me towards getting a degree in Nursing from your School.

For that very reason, I have been keeping myself fit in that area of work. For example, I am currently involved as a nursing assistant with two reputable health and social care agencies, Newcross Healthcare Solutions and Thornbury Nursing. My rewarding experiences with these organizations helped me build the much-needed expertise and confidence to embark on a nursing career. All those health care institutions I have worked at (nursing and elderly homes, rehabilitation centers, palliative, and intensive care, etc.) have taught me two important life skills: commitment and organization. Commitment to the health and well-being of every patient, and proper organization of my time to be able to show such commitment.

The amount of work I have done with patients suffering from dementia and other mental issues appears to me a good prerequisite for the courses I will be taking towards my Nursing degree. Moreover, I will be able to project my hands-on nursing practice on some theoretical background and thus better contribute to classroom learning. My solid knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology will already allow me to undertake more advanced coursework at your University and demonstrate more comprehensive scientific results. Speaking of practical nursing skills, I also intend to polish on my skills in manual handing, basic life support, wound care and blood measurements, to name a few.

The selflessness, empathy, and intelligence of people I have worked with are also a great source of inspiration for me in my pursuit of a nursing degree. I am fully aware that the nursing profession means, first of all, working long hours and working extremely hard. When someone else’s life is entrusted in your hands, it takes a tremendous sense of responsibility and obligation to fulfill your duties impeccably. The nurse’s environment is often emotional but incredibly satisfying, especially at the end of the shift when patients are ready for the next day and full of optimism about their improving health. Over time, I have learned not only to accept the challenges of hard work but also invite them with my whole heart. Once I realized I was no more scared of the exhausting nursing routines, I felt it was the right path for me where I will excel.

Upon acceptance to your degree program, my ultimate goal would be to specialize in advanced practice nursing, such as nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist. I have developed an excellent support network, including my family, that will allow me to commit fully to my training and sustain my motivation throughout the entire course of the program. I am confident in my choice of your School, as I think it perfectly matches my current educational and career needs. From my part, I will do my best to diligently address the medical needs of my community and work to the best interest of your institution.

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