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When I think of my vivid memories, I am not sure which one I would like to be reviewed on my deathbed. If all my impressive memories were to be reviewed, I would have more than a dozen of memories that are so vivid in my mind that I can hardly make a step without remembering them.

It is noteworthy that everyone has memories in their lives. There exist various types of memories, but vivid memories fall under the category of long term memory. The memory which I will share falls under the category of long term memory in the doctrine of episodic memory. It is about my first flying experience.

Since my young age, flying was an experience I always desired. When I was still in lower grade, I got a chance to fly from the UK to America. This experience is categorized as episodic memory, which is a form of long term memory formed as a result of experience or event. My first flight was a positive experience to me. Whereas it is known that negative occurrences remain in our memory for longer time than the positive ones, my experience, despite being positive and appealing, has remained in my memory to date. The experience was both frightening and impressive, which created a vivid memory in my mind. The experience remains imminently memorable due to the feelings I derived from it.

It is evident that flying is something every person admires, especially when a chance to fly happens to a person for the first time. The imagination that you are suspended on the air is impressive. Travelling is an act that we are engaged in almost daily, and choosing means of transport is a difficult task. Flying is a key means of transport, being also the fastest one. Every time I am travelling I remember the impressive experience I got when I flew for the first time. As I was still a kid at that time, my expectations from the flight made my impressions even more vivid, and they stay vivid today, years after that. The memory comes in the form of visual experience that I got while staying on the plane. My view of the expansive ground can hardly be forgotten. Although the experience was appealing, I must admit that I was engulfed by fear when I imagined I was floating in the middle of the air. The memory of this occurrence was enhanced by the feeling I got at the landing point. To imagine that such a giant machine like an airplane could descend to the ground so softly was magnificent.

Experiences, which majority of the people had when they were young, form a large part of our memory. My first flight experience occurred to me at the age of seven. At this age, children are still ignorant of science and processes that happen around them. At the age of seven, my view of an object floating in space could not get any logical explanation. It is clear that my ignorance, which directly related to the age I was at, enhanced the creation of the vivid memory. Our childhood experiences remain in our memories for longer periods, and mine was no exception. At a young age our minds are not preoccupied by numerous life issues, and, therefore, can retain memories of events or occurrences which evoke our deep feelings.

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