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Learning more facts about the Catholic University of America and seeing the undeniable benefit of catholic education, I realized that it is the best choice for a student who is fascinated by knowledge and eager to apply them in order to become successful. Thus, I am absolutely convinced that I am making a correct choice about preferring CUA over any other university for pursuing my studies.

I have been carefully considering my decision about transferring to Catholic University for a long time, although there were few factors that influenced my choice and made it rather obvious. First of all, I appreciate the quality of knowledge provided by the university and I realize how gaining it would be a crucial step in pursuing my dream career. Excellent reputation of the university is known for its well-developed study curriculum and academics that are dedicated to share their outstanding knowledge with determined students.

Moreover, the studying atmosphere at the Catholic University is another strong point for me, since I believe that catholic discipline is truly spectacular and beneficial for a determined individual. I am able to make this assumption judging by my father, who went to another catholic university and never regretted his choice even for a second. Graduating from a catholic university, he was very grateful for being given a chance to develop his talent to its fullest potential and get a brilliant beginning to his career. I believe that adequately strict education system motivates students to strive for the best results and keeps them organized. Additionally, I had a possibility to understand for myself that I am eager to get catholic education after participating in Georgetown Preparation summer program many times. It was an amazing experience that became another stimulus for me to choose the CUA.

Furthermore, taking into account all the advantages of education at the university, there is nothing else that would help me build my future in the way I hope to. The word `build` was used intentionally, since it directly explains what I am planning to do in future, following my parents’ footsteps. My parents work in construction business which has become a particular interest of mine. My involvement in the construction business has started a long while ago when I, still being a child, was visiting various construction sites with my parents. Moreover, last summer I had a chance to work in the world’s newest and sixth biggest geothermal plants’ construction with working along in another geothermal plant, including work in its electric sale department. This experience enabled me to develop an understanding of the process on every stage and get deeply attached to the industry. Back then I already knew what kind of future I wanted for myself; that was probably odd to other children who tended to have more childish dreams about the profession – they wanted to become singers or racers. My family and my school teachers have often been commenting on me being smart and mature above my age.

Receiving solid knowledge is my main focus now since I realize it is what I need in order to have a successful career in the construction business. Starting from an early age, I have always been a decent and responsible student, spending many hours studying the subject connected to my interests. Moreover, I speak three languages and do many sports at high levels, which describe me as a broad-minded person eager not to stop on the results that have been already achieved.

Thus, I see my studying at CUA as the first step on the way to achieving my goal connected to gradually moving up the career ladder in the construction industry. I am ready to bring changes into my life by transferring to CUA in order to assure that I make my dreams the reality and find decent application to my skills and knowledge.

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