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As human beings we live in the constantly changing environment that influences us every moment of our life. Thus, only well-balanced people can feel comfortable and secure in the process of constant changing. To be balanced means to behave appropriately in different conditions of everyday life. However, there is no one common direction or rule to be balanced, because different people have different attitudes and feelings toward their balance, but there are some common features which characterize a balanced man. Firstly, he is supposed to live in harmony with his own inner world, which means that he should be satisfied with his personal values, beliefs, actions, behavior and standards in life. Self-satisfaction has the greatest influence upon human’s perception of life. Secondly, to be balanced means to be able to create decent relationship with other people at work as well as in families. Our life is full of challenges which may occur because of many objective reasons. If a man is able to overcome difficulties with a calm state of his mind, he is also considered to be balanced. Thirdly, the ability to find satisfaction in life, which is constantly changing, and achieve one’s goals is a complicated task and only balanced people can reach it. Besides, keeping a healthy diet is also a proof that a person is balanced. In order to be balanced I try to corporate all the features mentioned above in my life. As for me, to be balanced means to live in harmony with myself, people and nature.

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