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Without being contemptuous and disapproving Henry Jenkins is able to present a complete understanding of men in his article. In his article, the author offers a lengthy and detailed account of the emotional side that men endue to demonstrate a man’s natural phenomenon and psychological issues. The author manages to do this by demonstrating different scenarios such as wrestling, where men conform to solving there problem through sheer violence and brutality (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). However, as much as he demonstrates this, he also works to demonstrate how most wrestles, apart from there animalistic behavior and crudeness, also demonstrate feelings and emotions while at the same time restraining themselves to psychological pressure (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). The author works to demonstrate how most men use the sport as a means in which they can channel their feelings and emotions. By use of muscles, men are able to demonstrate their power and release emotions for people to see.

However, at one part, the author mentions that this makes men vulnerable to attacks since most of there emotions are left out for one to see. The author also mentions wrestling as a sport in which men use to fulfill their want to express pain (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). This is also highlighted as one of the main issues in which wrestlers achieve a complete emotional control over there feelings. Apart from this, the author is also perplexed by the phenomenon of narration that is shown in wrestling (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). To argue out his case, the author hints that, most wrestlers demonstrate this in wrestling since it is socially approved and has limitations to it (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). In keeping up with male dominance, an image that has existed for many years, most men revert to wrestling as a way in which their emotions and feelings can be expressed without, in any way, making them look weak or fragile. This means that, men tend to hide their feelings and emotions and choose to bring them out through engaging there masculine side (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007).

While talking about Troy one of the main issues that one encounters is the question what influenced the movie at the first place. One the main issues that one has to understand is that Troy is not a film that can be referred to as being golden age epic (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). However, one can come to a conclusion that the movie is inspired by it, in that most traits of a golden age epic movie can be seen in it. Most of the scenes in the movies are filled with pompous and dusty set scenes (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). The film primarily surrounds two tales of origin that bring together two main characters although in different styles. In the film, Achilles and Hector are dragged into unnecessary wars due to other people incompetence (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). The whole film surrounds the kidnap of king Menelaus wife. The phenomenon behind the movie can be seen in the opening scene of the movie where Achilles defeats Boagrius.

This fight demonstrates clearly, who the better fighter in the movie is. Most audiences would agree to the fact that Achilles is the better man in the movie. Through out the movie Achilles who is played by Brad Pitt seems to be more of a hero than anyone else he encounters (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). His fight with Hector demonstrates how motivated and how much of a worrier Achilles is to win the fight. In this scene, one can notice a hint of revenge from Achilles part from losing someone important (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). Judging by the era the film was demonstrated in, pain of a loved one could only be realized through physical aggression. Crying in this era was simply termed as not being manly.

In most of the scenes discussed, one will notice that psychology issues play a big part in the phenomenon. Apart from the loss of someone close to him, Achilles also acts like this to demonstrate his power and strength to everyone (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). This is because Achilles wants to be remembered as having being a glorious and strong warrior. However, one must understand that, the difference between the two main characters is that one fights to protect his home while the other fights to express his greatness (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). By fighting Achilles tries to show his emotion and elevate himself as a legend among his people. This can be clearly described as a psychological issue that most man have in today’s world (Jenkins ed. by Farris et al. 2007). The film demonstrates how emotions and feelings are generalized and expressed in a manly way. However, the film also tries to answer he question, why men use violence to express themselves.

Throughout the film, one will notice that a notion that men should not cry is passed along as Achilles uses vengeance as a platform in which he defeats his enemies. The film in short demonstrates ways in which men use to show the masculinity while at the same time demonstrate their emotional side.

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