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Advantages and disadvantages of collaboration between Iddan, Meron and Dr.Sway’s team. In 1997 Gabriel Meron had met a Dr Swain mill who was working on wireless endoscopy. The two had complementally knowledge that was needed for the development of a successful endoscopic camera. At the time Dr Swain’s tem had successfully made a prototype wireless endoscopic device and had tested it on a live pig’s stomach. However, the device could not be used successfully because it was not small enough to be swallowed. On the other hand Given, had developed a small endoscopic camera but did not have the necessary anatomical technology and knowhow to necessitate completion of the project.

Disadvantages of the collaboration. Sharing future profits. There are profits that would accrue from the joint partnership of given and Dr. Swain’s team. These profits and benefits from the technology would have to be shared on agreed upon basis. If given had done this alone the profits and credibility would go to the company alone which would later be split between Iddan and Melon

Foreclosure of other opportunities. By engaging in partnership with Dr. Swain the Given had lost a chance of collaborating with other people/companies. They may have made a good decision but the partnership between Given and Dr. Swain eliminated the prospects of another partnership

Advantages of the collaboration. Improved access to facilities and technology. The two partners had done a commendable job that showed the desire to complete the project. On the other hand their technologies were complementary. Dr Sways team needed technology which would enable them reduce the size of their gadget on the other hand Iddan and Melon needed technology that would facilitate good image viewing and anatomical knowledge. So with superior knowledge on imaging and anatomy from Dr. Swain’s team and smaller long lasting Cmos batteries from Melon and Iddan the two teams were able to develop the gadget.

Innovative products. The partnership gave both teams access to innovative products that they did not have access to. The Iddan and Melon team were now able to access good small intestine imaging technologies while on the other hand Dr Sway’s team was able to access the cmos battery which would enable the production of a much smaller device that could be used to view the interior of the small intestine. If these partners would not have partnered they could not have accessed these innovative technologies.

Speed and delivery of new products. The partnership of the two enabled faster delivery of the product. Production of the pill cam owes its success from ideas and contributions of various people. It would be difficult for any one of these people to produce the device within the given period. The fusion of technologies from the two partners enabled the faster production of a device. It is important to note that there was probability of production of a similar device from other parts of the world. This would perhaps lead to duplication of technology prompting users to choose the more superior device.

Product distribution and marketing. The partnership between the two entities enabled the use of better marketing and distribution of the pillcam. Melon was well versed with marketing of these devices and had created a name in the market. Dr Sway’s team was basically made up of scientist who had little experience in marketing and distribution of the product. I assume this is the reason why the pillcam was marketed and distributed under given imaging in order to benefit from the existing customer database. The advantage of partnering is evidenced by the successful sale of the product with over 300,000 patients buying the pillcam at $450 each. The company faced competition in 2005 from other developers but was able to shove them aside by setting up workstations in hospitals which has enabled more physicians use this technology leading to increased sales. Given imaging marketing skills now reign supreme in the American market.

Shoring up weak areas in the company. The benefits of partnering also help eliminate the company’s weak areas. This is because the company tries to strengthen its weak areas in order to match up with the other company.

Ability to stay focused. Partnering enables companies remain focused to their goals. There was great contribution from the two partners to ensure that the project did not stall. From the information given it is clear that from the year 1995 when Iddan partnered with Melon there was little development of the innovation. However, as soon as they partnered with Dr Sway the speed of the technology development escalated to desirable levels. In two year time they were allowed to carry out their first human test in 1999. Two years later Given imaging was given the FDA clearance in October 2001. In the same year the company went public raising $ 60 million in its initial public offering.

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