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Nicholas Kristof is one of the journalists who are encouraging young people to fight against oppression of women and girls. He noticed there were many cases of women and girls being oppressed especially in the developing countries. He wrote a book called Half the Sky in 2009 and it won several prizes. It was one of the most selling books as it was a source for inspiration for people all over the world.

I admire Nicholas Kristof because he is one of the motivational speakers who give information that help change the society. He is one of my favorite journalists who give inspirational messages to the people. Nicholas wrote about empowering women and girls in the most effective way. It was written to encourage women to fight against oppression and realize their potential to influence the economic development. His message helped to fight oppression and realize the potential in women which could be turned into opportunity. This was done in order to help fight poverty and oppression of women in the developing countries and in the rest of the world. The book describes how women are going through hard times, Cambodian teenager who was sold to sex slavery and Ethiopian woman who suffered injuries during childbirth. The book provides experiences of the two women showing their anger, sadness, and their determination to achieve the best in life.

Nicholas is different from other speakers he shows the experiences of people who had undergone certain experiences. In his message he shows the transformation of lives of women and girls. The Cambodian girl was assisted by an aid group and later she managed to escape from the brothel. She became very successful, owned a retail business that helped to support her family. The Ethiopian woman recovered and later became a surgeon. Through other people’s life experiences he is able to inspire his audience. He is different from other speakers, who use only secondary sources to get information to give to people. For example, Motivational speaker called Brad Montgomery gives funny motivational speeches which is motivational humor

He has inspired many young people to fight against oppression and come up with ways to stop it and make changes due to his inspirational writings. It makes people to perceive the oppression of women as a humanitarian issue that requires to be given attention to (Kristof 120 & 214).Nicholas Kristof is a motivational speaker who encouraged people to take actions against the oppression. Having mentioned the matter of oppression in Half the Sky, it has improved the situation dramatically. People became more successful in the society after escaping oppression; it inspired them to help other women and girls when going through the same experiences (Kristof 18-19). Nicholas Kristof’s message that oppression of women and girls can be turned into an opportunity for them has lead to many volunteers gathering together with an aim to help these women.

Globalism is important because it ensure that people in different countries may work together and help one another. Nicholas Kristof wrote about Cambodian teenager who was sold to sex slavery was helped by an aid group from other country and Ethiopian woman who suffered injuries during childbirth. People of different cultures coming together to help people under oppression and helping one another is important.


Nicholas Kristof’s articles have made a great contribution to the realization of people’s identities all over the world. Due to his ideas women got inspired and made their contributions in the development of countries. Now, they rise against oppression without any fears. A great number of people have formed aid groups that help women and girls to fight oppression.

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