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Environment sustainable development is a mode of precise human development whereby the use of resources will be directed in the preservation of human needs and the greater environment, it also ensures that these needs and environmental is reached at in the present life and also to benefit the future generations. In the sense of humanity, reaching for personal needs and satisfying them fully is a remarkable success, but then the concept of environmental sustainability should also be put into focus so that these needs does not compromise the environment and that of the future generations. In the Brundtland commission, the word sustainable development was coined with development to meet its ultimate meaning. Indeed, it’s a concern that human beings should carry out the capacity for natural systems with the environmental issues that humankind face. Cape Verde in many ways has been identified internationally has a potential hotspot for environmental sustainability. Issues regarding marine biodiversity, volcanoes, soil erosion, desertification, overfishing, deforestation, illegal beach expansion and water shortages are some of the major environmental challenges facing Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is located in the western shore of Africa with a pretty number of volcanic islands in the Atlantic sea. Cape Verde for time has faced susceptible and prolonged droughts and volcanic and seismic activity. Apart from the prolonged droughts, volcanic and desertion environmental issues have caused major hardships in the nation. On the lower part of the nation consists of savanna vegetation with other parts being flat and semi-arid. On the wetter highlands the climate looks promising for development with the possibility of monsoon winds. Hence, most of the parts have been turned into agricultural lands and other parts have been restricted from agriculture where it’s not possible and mountains and cultural forests. The other islands are basically tropical dry where endemic and fauna, raring and bleeding of seabirds.

Cape Verde has managed to sign a number of international environment pacts and beneficiary to major United Nations programs. Its part to also international agreements on major environmental issues mainly: desertification and endangered species, hazardous wastes and law of the sea, marine dumping and ship pollution, wetland and environmental modification, ozone layer protection climate change. Also Cape Verde is a member of the popular climate Kyoto-Protocol. Apart from the agreements, Cape Verde for a number of years has been a beneficiary of United Nations programs and movements. The UN has worked with the Cape Verde government, civil rights and environmental organizations and many other organizations to promote environmental safety and security in the nation. One major project was the revitalizing of the Porto Ingles Westland’s as it is a unique and cooperative project that has managed to empower and benefit more than 70 women who are working in the salt extraction. Hence, the salt extraction process which is the largest mining activity in Porto Ingles has been managed by local women who work together and share experiences in the wake of increasing production. The United Nations has embarked in educating and resourcing them with education on proper environmental extraction and resources for the later.

The government of Cape Verde has managed to promote environmental sustainability laws and regulations, whereby national commissions and agencies have been created to look into the proper management and care of the environment. The government has also partnered with various international organizations to promote environmental protection and security. With these Cape Verde has provided high dedication and ability to promote and engage in environment sustainability development and partner with every nation that surrounds it and the globe to ensure that the environment is better protected, cared for and promoted.

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